Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Card

Raise your hand if you have your  Christmas cards ordered already...

Me! Me! Me! (waving hand)

Yep, how's this for productive. Had the girls dressed and  outside for a photoshoot by 8am haha. That's what happens when they wake up at 5:30!

This year I was bound and determined to have my cards done EARLY! I want to have them all addressed and ready to send out right after Thanksgiving. So today I made and ordered them...yay!

Unfortunately, as though it's not hard enough to get a 1 year old and 3 year old to stand still for a picture, I decided to attempt a more complicated holiday card that  involved holding items. (um, yeah, what was I thinking!?) So not only did I have about 1 million pics where one girl wasn't looking, but then out of the tiny handful of pictures where they were looking I had to find ones where  they were properly holding their items and not making weird faces.

Needless to say this card is kind of a hot mess lol. But  it's done and checked off my to do list!

I'll save the big reveal for December, but here's a sneak peek at a couple outtakes....enjoy!

And no, neither  girl was *supposed* to be doing this!

Other productive tasks complete today? Well I sold a big toy and got it out of our house! In case you didn't realize, if you have toys to sell now is the time! People are doinng Xmas shopping and I've been selling toys on facebook like crazy. Look up a local buy/sell group in your area and you can get lots of money to buy new toys for the kiddos!

I also have our pool table COVERED in toys to photograph and sell this week. Anything that isn't a favorite toy, played with at least once a week (really played with...not just dumped out haha), is being sold! I want only our favorite toys left so that when I redo our playroom after Christmas it's manageable. I also want money to buy the girls toys they really  want!

Lastly, after naptime this afternoon we are doing our spa day, as I mentioned yesterday. However after I posted I realized maybe some of you thought I meant we were going to an actual spa lol. Really the "spa" will be in our kitchen---I'm going to let  them play with my old makeup, nail polish, and hair stuff. Although when they are older I'd love to take them to a real spa for a girl's day! One of the great things about being a mom to girls---probably won't catch many elementary school boys hanging out with their  mom on a Saturday, but  I bet my girls would be happy to join me for a spa day at  that  age! :-)


  1. Wow high five to you for having your christmas cards done! I plan to attempt mine maybe this weekend. I still need to take Keira's 2 year pictures and get her birthday invite sent out since we're having her party Nov 24th. Love the girls festive outfits.

  2. Good for you for getting your cards done already!!! I really need to get our cars done ASAP! We have a very busy month with Thanksgiving our Disney trip and then Christmas. Everything is going to be sneaking up on us at once! =) Love the photos!!!

  3. Way to go! We got or family pics done over the weekend ask as soon as they get back i'm going to attempt making our own cards... We will see how that goes. and its true people are selling things like crazy. my mom is looking for a train table for Hudson and they range from 50 to 150 used. She finally got one the other day, they are usually sold in a couple hours

  4. The outtake cards are ALWAYS the best tho! We are getting pics done next weekend and I will be ordering mine :)

    I hope you share the final product I would love to see them

  5. I love outtakes! And whoa, you are on the ball!

  6. haha love those outtakes :) We clean out our playroom often too!

  7. You are amazing! Seriously, Christmas cards done? I am jealous! I can't wait to see what these are going to look like. I am trying to figure it all out just from looking at your sneak peek. :)

  8. Cute, cute, cute!!! Can't wait to see the card!!!!!
    Grama F

  9. Aww can't wait to see the christmas cards! I need to sell some of our toys for new ones... bad!

  10. Jealous! And I can't wait to see the card AS WELL! I'm ready to take mine, now I just have to find a day where the entire family is feeling good and looking good!


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