Monday, November 12, 2012

Daddy's Back!

Lee arrived home yesterday afternoon. THANK GOODNESS! Raya was "thrilled" to see him---she cried and told him and the dogs  to leave because she was doing  quiet time and she needed there to be "no noises" lol. She eventually came around and both girls played with Daddy for the night while Mama took a break!

Today I don't really have pictures or anything to post though, because let's just  say I have been slacking every second Lee's been home, and during the day today I never got out of my pjs haha. Hey, after the week  I had last week  I'm entitled to a slack day I think! :-)

So instead, here is a flashback post---to a post I wrote almost exactly a year ago---Brielle's 10 month post. Can't believe my baby is now 22 months old! Check  out how adorable  she was last year---I've loved watching her grow! Flashback to Brielle at 10 months old

Happy Monday!


  1. I bet you are glad to be able to sit back and relax! And I don't blame you for staying in pj's =)

  2. Yay! You survived! And, I think you deserve a slack week... or maybe even a month! ;)


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