Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flashback to the '80s

It's  official you guys,  Miss Raya would  have rocked  the '80s! :-)

How awesome are  those  leggings?! They have attached "legwarmers" hehe...with  buttons all  up the side!

And check  out the faux tank straps with  the off the shoulder

So now I  need to shout out a huge  THANK YOU to my blogger friend over at These Lees ...because this  outfit  is  from my fav Naartjie and she  had some Kids Kash from there  that  she wasn't going to use before  it expired and she offered  it to me! How awesome is  that :-) Clearly we put it to good  use and Raya  is stylin' now thanks to you hehe.  I've actually  had  many readers in the past pass along coupons and free shipping codes etc---I love that you all immediately think of me when it comes to shopping haha.

And now, do you all  remember the saga awhile back  over  the preschool monkey and whether or not the one kid drew his own monkey picture? That post is HERE if  you missed  it.

Well the monkey  came home with us again yesterday. And I had  to laugh because the  kid from my post above had  since taken it home a second time and this time his journaling was unrecognizable scribbles lol. I"m  now slightly paranoid that his  parents  read my blog :-P

This time Raya still hates the monkey so I  was thinking of something we could do with him. And then it came to me. The monkey  is simply not stylish enough for our family---we had to clothe him!

I  got a newborn onesie from my shop and Raya and Sawyer decorated it with fabric markers...we added a pair of Raya's old baby socks and I cut a hole in the back  for his tail. Top *that* all  you other preschool parents! lol. 

I  put his name on the front :-P

Now this could  go either way I'm thinking. The other parents will either think I'm A) Crazy or B) Genius

Yesterday I still was watching Sawyer  and  Harper when Lee got home. Harper LOVES Uncle Lee! Then Brielle got jealous and decided she loved Daddy too.

I need to cut  Lee's hair so bad!

And a couple quickies---we had a boot saga with Raya....I  bought  her boots for this  year and they were all  way too big. I thought her feet were bigger! So she doesn't have any that actually fit, and  let me tell you---you would *think* that Raya had  best dressed at preschool in the  bag, but we have quite a few fashionistas there! haha...and they have all been wearing cute boots. So I finally decided that even though she has too big boots, she will have  to save them for next year I think. So I found these silver ones at Kohls on sale and they are so adorable. They have bows up the back!

She  dressed herself  this  day---not a pairing I'd necessarily do :-P
Brielle is obsessed with her boots  from her Halloween costume too---she insists on wearing them with everying! (As you can see, I'm holding true to my promise that she will wear this mouse outfit constantly since  I love  it so :-)

So that's about it for  today---I'll  keep ya posted  on what Raya says they all say at preschool about our monkey makeover lol. She  told me "the kids will  think it is so silly!" She's pretty excited about it :-)

Here are just a couple more pictures of my '80s beauty queen---happy "hump day!" ...only 2 days until the weekend--phew


  1. Cute outfit raya! Loving the leggings with the leg warmers

  2. She totally would have rocked it!

    And the monkey thing - hilarious! I so wish the other preschool parents read your blog! :) You are so funny!

  3. That outfit is AWESOME! I am pretty sure your girls have cuter clothes than me ;)

    1. haha...they definitely have cuter clothes than *me* ---I'm usually in jeans and a sweatshirt LOL

  4. Cute outfit! So glad you got those leggings, they are my favorite Naartjie thing so far!

    And you are making me want to go out and buy more boots...


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