Saturday, November 17, 2012

Games for all ages

So I *thought* I was done shopping for the girls for Christmas, because you know I was going to be all thrifty and not overwhelm them with too many toys, etc. LOL. But  then tonight I got sucked into the world of educational games (of which there are so many fun looking ones!) and now I'm debating if I should buy a couple :-P So I thought I'd share with you all some of my finds ---maybe one of you will find that perfect item for your kiddos, or maybe you can share a review if you have one of these games yourself! :-)

First up, I'm really loving the idea of this game. The problem is that  often times I see a game like this and think "well, if I really wanted to I could make my own game similiar, and print off pictures and laminate them " etc. etc....problem being that I can barely keep up with dishes and laundry, let alone manufacture preschool games in my living room haha. So in the end I think purchasing is probably the route to go for me! I think Raya would love this Alphabet Soup Sorter Game and she could use practice on her  letters and sounds. She does  know some letters and sounds---maybe abobut 1/3 of them consistently. But it's honestly not something I've really worked on with her regularly, and I think this game would be a good way to do that.

This game would be great I think for those  of you with a little bit older kids. I have played other Sequence games before and I think it's such a fun game! (To be honest, Lee and I were playing the adult Sequence game just minutes before Brielle was born LOL. I was in the middle of a game and buzzed the nurse, and one push later Brielle was born--- that's what an epidural can do for you haha ;-)  But anyways, this is a Sequence Letter game for ages 4-7....a little  above Raya's level, but  looks fun!

This Snails Pace Race looks interesting because it seems like a game both Raya and Brielle could play together. From what I can tell it's like a cooperative game where there isn't really a winner/loser...and there is no reading involved at all. Only color it's a game that young children can play by themselves (Mama break!)

This Melissa and Doug Sandwich Stacking Game looks fun for the girls. I love that there are no batteries or little pieces to lose or break. Teaches memory, matching, patterning, etc. Plus they could just use it for pretend food in their kitchen ;-)

Speaking of kitchen, this isn't really a learning game, but I really love the looks of this Pretend and Play Bakery Set's a lot more interactive than any play food we already have. I"m very tempted to get it since the girls are getting a new play kitchen from Santa.

I loooooooove the idea of this Super Sorting Pie   ...if you check  out the user photos you can see that it's HUGE. And it reinforces fine motor skills  with the tweezers, which is something Raya could use work on because she's got a horrible pencil grip (which is probably pretty typical at her age, but still)

This Froggy Feeding Fun Game also works on fine motor skills, but  also numbers and colors.

This Avalanche Fruit Stand game is another fine motor game that looks fun!

This Pizza Mania game seems really fun---Raya would love it. It works on listening, counting, addition and subtraction. Raya seems to be good with numbers I feel like. She has no trouble adding and subtracting smaller numbers, and has 1-to-1 correspondence down pat. I think  this  would help build on those strengths! (I always joke that she's good with math because she spends much of her day negotiating with me the number of treats and snacks she can have, how many are left after she's eaten some, etc. LOL)

My girls both LOVE money. This Money Mat game seems really fun, but  definitely over my girls' skill level right now. Would be great for elementary age kids I think!

This is another  large mat game though, which would be great for getting my girls up and moving while we are stuck inside  all winter I think. This game looks fun! It's the Crocodile Hop Game and works on colors, shapes, numbers, counting, problem solving, and following directions.

Lastly, here are two games *that  we actually  own*  ....Raya got these for Christmas last year and they ended up being two of her favorites! We actually  just played the  monster  game today.

The first Raya approved game we own is Take the Cake says ages 4 and up, but  by age 3 Raya seemed to get most of it and she just looooves it.

The second game we own is both Raya AND Brielle approved....yes, even Brielle can play this game! This would be a great first board game for a young toddler. It's the Go Away Monster game. Basically each player has a board that has 4 missing items on it. The board depicts a bedroom but is missing a bed, lamp, picture, and teddy bear. So when it's your turn you reach into the bag full of peices and pull one out. If the piece you pull out is one of the items your board is missing then you get to keep it (I help Brielle figure out if it's a peice she needs....but she loves pulling the pieces out!)  .... in the bag though are also MONSTER peices. So if you reach in and pull out a monster then you lose your turn (and I SCREAM like I'm scared for added effect--both girls just love this part. Brielle now excitedly digs in the bag and screams "monster!!" when she pulls out a monster piece LOL)  

So anyways, hope this was helpful to someone! I  wish I had  unlimited funds  to buy all the fun educational  games out there, because they really do have a ton of cool ones!


  1. Why did I check all of these out?? A lot of them look so fun, and now I want them! I am trying to not go all out this year because we just have so much stuff and it's overwhelming me. :)

  2. I love anything Melissa and Doug! I work at a preschool and that's literally all the toys that we have. The sandwich stacker is such a good toy! They play and learn at the same time.. what could be better?! =)

  3. Oh my gosh, those toys look awesome! I don't have any kids myself, but I'm a daycare teacher with a room full of toddlers, and I always want to get stuff for my classroom! I might have to add some to my collection! :)

  4. Emma loves games! I'm going to have to check some of these out!

  5. I just told Tyler the other day we should add a few games to Kyla's Christmas list. So thanks for doing the work for me :)


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