Friday, November 2, 2012

Goodnight, sleep tight

It's early to bed for Miss Raya Marie tonight--looked over  at her  while she was watching her  show and saw this!

And what was Brielle doing at  this time? Sleeping  peacefully as well  I'm sure, right?


We had  kind of a crazy day today---running errands, meeting someone who  bought a bunch of our baby toys (yay!), Etsy shop stuff, ballet class for Raya....

And  then  tonight Lee left for a hunting trip, from which he will  return *next* Sunday. Oh yeah, talk about a looooong week ahead :-P

The girls and I will  be sure to go out daily to spend Daddy's money while  he's  gone though---that's the deal in this house! lol

Do you all  have  any  suggestions for me and the girls while  Daddy is  away? What are your favorite ways  to spend single mom time?! :-)

Lastly tonight, a couple random pics. First, Grandma F.  would want to see the  girls sporting their matching sweaters from Carters that  she  bought them! (Harper has the  same one in the yellow/green color).

And just because  it's so cute....Lee always has  the girls brush their  teeth during bath time.  Last night he called  me  in because they  had both started brushing their toys' teeth! How adorable is  that?

We'll try to maintain a little  modesty haha

And as a PPS (sorry for the randomness  of this update!) some  funny tidbits from the last  couple days:

1) Brielle calls me "Shawna" now haha. I  think it's because she hears Sawyer and Harper  call  me by my first name when they are here. But tonight she kept  saying "night night Shawna", and at my mom's  yesterday my mom was trying to get her  to say "I  love you Grandma" and instead  she kept saying ""  (meaning that she loved Shawna LOL).

2) Brielle constantly sings the "I love you" song from barney now....she gets stuck  on repeat saying the same couple lines over  and over, but she sways back  and  forth and bobs her head, really getting into the song! And then after  she has "sang" the song for  awhile she kisses the  air (for the part  that  says "and a kiss  from me  to  you")'s sooo cute. I  need  to find my video camera and tape it.

3) Today Raya was asking me about the toys we were selling and I told  her they  were baby toys that we didn't need  anymore. Well  later she found a toy at home and asked why I hadn't sold that  one too. I told her it was because Brielle still played with that one. Then Raya said "but Brielle  is a BIG baby...and this toy is for  little babies....little babies  are like teeny tiny ants and Brielle is not an ant....she's big"     LOL...good to know Raya ;-)

4) Today we stopped  to play  at the  mall and have lunch and while walking  through  the mall Raya walked past a mirror....she immediately stopped and declared "oh wow...I'm so cute!"  ....needless to say we got  a lot of laughs from people who saw her. Then a short  while later I lost Brielle, and  found her standing in front of a mirror saying  "me pretty" 

....perhaps we need  to have a talk  about vanity ;-P

Have a great weekend everyone! Wish  me luck  as a single  parent.....


  1. Cute pictures! I love the ones of Raya sleeping =) And the fact that Brielle calls you Shawna! =) Emma came home with a book she made at school the other day. It said; To: Johannah From: Emma. I said why does it say this and not To: Mommy Love: Emma. She said "I wanted it to say Johannah" LOL Kids make us laugh =)

  2. Raya looks so grown up in the pictures of her wearing the pink sweater. For awhile around the same age as Brielle, Kaylee use to call me Joey...haha

    Good luck as a single parent for the week and have fun spending daddy's money!!

  3. The girls look so cute in those sweaters!

    Joe is gone quite a bit now for both work and hunting. We have had slumber parties in my room. I have them make a bed of blankets on my floor because I love having my bed all to myself, haha!

    We have also had a spa night where we get out our foot tubs, set them up in the living room and soak our feet, paint our nails, etc.

    And then other random things:
    -popcorn & movie
    -game night
    -wii time

    And, of course going out and spending his money will always help! :)

    1. Thanks for the ideas! The girls would love the foot tubs I bet...I should get one :-)

  4. Love the matching outfits!!!!!! You do need to tape Brielle singing the I love you song, that is the cutest thing ever!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. I love that they are brushing their toys' teeth. Love the sweaters too. Kyla would fit right in with her yellow one! Get that singing on tape :)


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