Monday, November 26, 2012

Heads up on Cyber Monday deals!

Here's a quick rundown of some children's clothing cyber monday deals you may want to check out!

First up, Gymboree is $15 dresses, $15 sweaters, $10-12 fleece, and free shipping with no minimum purchase for rewards members (free to become a rewards member---not a credit card!)  Gymboree
You can stack a coupon too, and there are 20% coupon codes floating around  everywhere right now. At one time I heard you can text the word GIFT to 38109 for a 20% coupon---not sure if that is still  working, but worth a try!

Next up is Crazy 8...nothing  insanely exciting here, but they are doing an additional 25% off everything, plus free shipping over $50. You can stack a coupon on top of this sale too. There promo today for cyber monday is $8 skirts, and with a coupon on top that's a pretty good deal. Crazy 8

My favorite Naartjie is doing free shipping with no minimum purchase today, which they pretty much never do. And  shipping for them is usually $7 even if it's just one item, so that's a good deal! They are also doing one item every 2 hours today that is 50% off---seems like mostly leggings and various odds and ends, but if you happen to want one of those items it's an awesome deal. The free shipping alone is good though. Naartjie

Boden USA is also having a pretty much  unheard of sale right now. We only own 2 boden things (bought used) right now because they are really pricey, but their stuff is sooooo cute! And I actually bought a couple things during this sale because it's a great deal. It's 30% off, plus if you use the code "Q753" you get an additional 25% off and free shipping!!! Things sell out quickly during a sale like this so sizes are a little picked over, but check  out some of their adorable applique shirts and stuff. Boy stuff at Boden is REALLY CUTE too! (If unfamiliar with sizing I find they run a little big. Raya is normally a 4T/5T is other brands, and can almost get away with the 3/4 at Boden. So don't order up.  Mini Boden

Lastly Gap/Old Navy/etc. are doing 30% off today.

So enjoy shopping!!! (And no, I didn't buy at all these stores today! LOL....just online browsing for the most part, but I did get myself some adorable Gymboree giraffe line (which just came out today!) and those couple Boden things :-)

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