Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Mouse

First off, I  have the best kids ever! Get this--I put the girls to bed last night, they were both asleep within jsut a couple minutes, I woke up at *6:30am* this morning and was like "OMG, they slept all night!" ....and then I went to listen at their door and I heard quiet talking and giggling. So I opened the door and what  do I see? Raya *in* Brielle's bed, cuddling her, and them both giggling! Awwww...stinkin' melt my heart! Then Raya said "Mama, we're having a sleepover until it's morning and you come get us!" 

Needless to say I  think Brielle is officially moved to her  big girl bed---she's awesome! When I mention bedtime now Brielle even says "no, big bed!" because she gets worried I'm going to put her in the crib and she knows she's a big girl now haha.

Someone asked on my last post about how we switched Raya over to a big girl bed...and honestly, it was just as easy! We didn't move her until she was almost 2.5 years though...when we moved into this house we just never set up her crib in her room---we moved her straight the a twin and she slept all night from day one. So i guess my only  advice to someone thinking about making this transition is  to just do it! And then if you don't luck out like I did you can troubleshoot from there. But clearly some kids are able to transition without blinking an eye, and thankfully I got two of those kids it looks like!

In other news, tonight Raya had her first ballet performance! She was a mouse in the Holiday Showcase. It's just an informal "recital" he studio puts on this  time of year, and since Raya is in the  youngest class they didn't have costumes---just some face paint. They were mice and they did "fast feet" and made "whiskers" while they ran around on stage for 30 seconds hehe.  Some kids just stood there, but Raya had no fear! She came right out on stage, immediately spotted me (i have no idea how!) and screamed "Hi Mama!" and waved...and then proceeded to run around like a little mouse without a care in the world, and apparently oblivious to the auditorium full of people lol. Tonight when I was putting her to bed she said "sing me the  sunshine song  because I was the best mouse tonight!"  She's modest :-P

Here are some pics  I snapped once we got home---I didn't even try to take any while we were there---it  was too crowded and crazy!

She told me this was  her "mouse pose" ...ha!

Here is a quick "what Raya wore" segment---today to preschool she wore this show stopping number hehe. This is a perfect example of how you can take everyday "cheap" brands and create a stellar outfit :-) Jeggings and boots are Target, shirt is Walmart, and vest is BabiesRUs.

Today she found Twinkle the Elf and Dora the mermaid having a pool party in the bathtub---that's why she has Dora!

In the middle of her tantrum today Brielle paused to say "cheese" haha...what a dork!

Goodbye from the cutest mouse ever! :-)


  1. Raya totally makes the cutest mouse ever!! I bet it was cute watching the kids up on stage =) And YAY for the girls sleeping all night in the same room!! That is awesome! And of course Raya's outfit today is adorable!!

  2. OMG!!!! How cute is that little mouse!!!!!!!! Now I feel bad that we didn't go!!!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  3. That seriously is the cutest story ever! I love how close they are! I can just picture Raya dancing around and yelling hi to you, haha. I'm sure she got lots of laughs :) She is definitely the cutest mouse...loving the pigtails!

  4. That's great that Brielle is doing so well and I agree how cute that they were snuggling together. Cutest little mouse. Loving her brown outfit

  5. I am so excited to hear how well the transition is going! Isn't it the best having two little girls close to the same age? I always said having ours share a room was the best thing we have done. They have SO much fun together in their room at night. :)


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