Friday, November 23, 2012

Meet Twinkle, our Elf on the Shelf :-)

Today when the girls got home from my parents' house, our special elf friend was waiting!

Yes, our  Elf is on the  creepy side haha ...." I am watching you!"
I had told Raya  about the elf when I got her from my mom and dad' prepare her. She has a lot of trouble with naming things, and we were supposed to name the elf according to the book, but when I asked what her name should be she just kept saying "I don't know what her name is!" lol. So I asked her in "Twinkle" seemed like a good name and she thought it was. So Twinkle is officially our elf's name :-)

When we got home Raya was terrified to walk  inside haha. She was unsure of what to expect I think! And when she saw Twinkle she just stared at her :-P I ended up not doing anything fancy for the big reveal because I wanted her up high (while the girls learn not to touch her) and I wanted her to have the book to read, so I just ended up sitting her on top of our cupboards for today.

After reading the book though Raya warmed up quickly and was all about this new elf! She asked me about one million questions and so all day I've had to weave an elaborate web of lies ---that I'm hoping I can remember year after year ;-) Raya has already asked me why Twinkle didn't come to her house last year (um, she remembers last year?) and when I tried to say it was because Twinkle was waiting for her to be a big girl then Raya said "but Brielle's not a big  girl yet so why does *she* get Twinkle this year too?"  ....Seriously kid, just go with it! Mama doesn't know why....just because :-P

Not taking  her  eyes off Twinkle!
The rest of the day Raya would periodically want to show Twinkle when we were getting out decorations and found this dancing chicken toy---she brought it over to dance with it where Twinkle could see her!

Notice  how she's  looking up at Twinkle while she  dances LOL ...yes Raya, Twinkle is always watching you!
Brielle loved dancing with the chicken today too...

The best part of having Twinkle around  is that if Raya starts to act naughty I just say "oh Twinkle, I hope you don't tell Santa about this!"  ...and Raya immediately says "I'm being good now Twinkle!" :-)   Today Brielle started throwing a fit about something and my threat didn't  work on her obviously, and you should have seen how big Raya's eyes got---you could tell she was in shock that  Brielle dared to ignore the warning about Twinkle! Then  Raya went over to Brielle and gave her a big hug and tried to cheer her up, all the while staring up at Twinkle to make sure  she was watching her good behavior!

Today we also did  other  "festive" things---like decorate more windows

And decorate some Xmas trees! (we decorated the large hunting themed tree  in Lee's man cave, and also this small set of 3 trees that  are our countdown to Christmas trees....we still need to go pick out our real tree at a tree farm some time!)

Then this evening we went in to Walmart to buy decorations for the outside of our house! Raya is so obsessed with outdoor decorations. She always points out the pretty houses when we drive and says "oh, that's a cool one!" and she asks why our house isn't decorated. Well, we've never done outside decorations----but  Lee decided he'd  do  it for Raya :-) So tomorrow they are going to decorate the front of the house---she will love it!

After our Walmart trip the girls got to wear their  new xmas pjs! Every year I buy new xmas pjs. They wear them during the month and then have cute pjs for the xmas morning pictures during present opening :-)

Well, this  is one time when being the youngest  and getting hand-me-downs pays off! Check  out Brielle holiday pjs stash this year

The pink  sock monkey ones I  just  couldn't pass up for Brielle this year! And then the red fairy ones next to those are the matching ones for the girls  this year. The top right is Brielle's from last year, but should still fit...and the bottom row are hand me downs!
Poor Raya's stash looks sad in comparison lol...the new  red ones, the silver pjs from last year, and then two random snowman pjs that she's had for awhile  haha.

So tonight the  girls wore their new  matching pjs while  picking  out the first book from our Coundown to Christmas book tree!

Brielle loves picking  and unwrapping  the books too! Now we have a problem because there is arguing over who picks the book for the night lol

Rudolph to the Rescue ---our first book of the  season!
So what's *your* favorite holiday tradition this time of year? Anyone  else super excited for the holidays?! :-)


  1. we got an Elf too, his name is Ralphie, Target was all out of girl ones.

    I know Breanna doesnt know about it this year so he will just sit on our mantle and next year we will start {or try to} move him around!

  2. We're getting our elf this weekend and will e decorating our tree this weekend. I think our elf will make her appearance once our tree is decorated. Love your elf's name. Cute pics. I may need to go borrow some books from the library to complete our 25 books

  3. The Elf on the Shelf is our big tradition of course! Patch is his name. He made his appearance last night. So when Emma got up this morning he was there. She was pretty excited. But guess who didn't take any pictures? Oh pick me!!!
    I love all the girls pj's! They are super cute! =)

  4. We just got our elf, Nosebee, out tonight too.

    I am just laughing at your pictures of Raya! And, I totally abused the whole elf going back to the North Pole to report to Santa thing too - haha! It was great!

  5. Haha- I think the Elf is a fun idea! love the pics of her just eyeing Twinkle, haha!

  6. I just love how Rayas eyes are on Twinkle when she is in the same room!!!! I guess I need to send back the xmas PJs for the girls!!!!( just kidding)
    also love your new profile pics!!!!!
    Grama F

  7. I love all the clothes, how cute! I'm thinking I should get an Elf on the Shelf for my classroom full of toddlers ;) lol. Someday I want to do that with my family! :)

  8. I'll be really interested to see how they do! I was thinking about getting one, but I'm a little skeptical that anything can be done about Cael's behavior... even a magical elf, but who knows... :)


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