Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for....

So I haven't been  doing daily "thankful" posts this year  at all, but  now that Thanksgiving is fast approaching I figured I do a little cramming and get all my thankfulness done in one post :-)

* I'm thankful that Lee has suddenly been making coffee each morning, so that I wake up to a fresh pot. I love coffee but often lack the motivation to make it myself in the morning, and I keep forgetting to set the timer at night!

* I'm thankful for flashlights and sheets. The girls have spent the morning playing in their "tent"....and also spent a good 30 minutes playing in my walk in closet with the flashlight haha. Whatever floats their boat!

* I'm thankful that  we found a bed for Brielle on Saturday! It had to be ordered, but in a week or so we should be ready to set it up so that Raya and her can start to get used to the idea. Probably won't attempt actually having Brielle sleep in it until closer to her birthday though. (And in case you are wondering, we always move our girls directly into a twin bed---I don't see the point in messing with toddler beds--just seems like an extra step, and I like to streamline! :-)

* I'm  thankful for Raya and the funny things she says to make  me laugh. Last night for example Lee told her to draw a picture---after she finished and showed him he asked "is that  a big tree?" ...and she replied, "no, that's you after you ate too much!"  LOL...I couldn't stop laughing. Then Lee told her to draw a picture  of mommy. She  drew a picture  of mommy and daddy together, but  my head was huge compared to Lee's. She said "mommy has a biiiig  head!"  ...Lee laughed and said that was about as accurate as his big belly after he ate too much :-P

*I'm thankful for Brielle and how sweet she is. She really is a sweet little girl. She loves to cuddle. I love when she sings her cute little songs. And she plays really nicely by herself, which is a huge help to me.

* I'm thankful that I'm able to be a stay-at-home mom right now. I can't imagine this not being my life. I've been home for about 2.5 years now and it's hard to even  remember taking Raya  to a babysitter that first year. I really think the girls will  look back  on our time together fondly and have a lot of great memories of mommy that they wouldn't have had otherwise :-)

* I'm thankful for Lee's job that allows me to stay home as well!

* I'm thankful for good health. Even though I feel  like I'm constantly  dealing with arthritis issues, I know  it could be way worse! And the girls have always been relatively healthy too. I think about parents dealing with life threatening illnesses and definitely count  my blessings that we have not had anything even close to that.

* I'm thankful for our house. I'm thankful that  we are able to own a home and the girls will  be able  to grow up in such a nice family  friendly neighborhood.

* I'm thankful for family  and friends. Being home during the day sometimes I catch different shows during nap time---you know, all the daytime tv lol. And it seems like every day it's one dysfunctional  family after another. Everyone's family is a little nuts, but I'm definitely thankful that my family is way too boring to end up on Dr. Phil ;-)

* I'm thankful for a house full  of groceries. Yesterday Lee took Raya grocery shopping, and so  now I actually  have food to eat for lunch (and even some oreos for when the girls aren't looking! haha)

* I'm thankful that the  girls' kitchen set that I ordered  for Christmas seems just as cute in person as it did online! Yesterday we opened it all up to check  over the peices. Overall I'm very happy with the quality and how cute it is! They are going to love it.

* I'm thankful  that my Etsy shop continues to do well. I never imagined I'd ever be selling as much as I do. I love having some money coming in even though I'm a stay at home mom, so that I can buy stuff for the girls without feeling guilty about spending "lee's" money.  (By the way, my Etsy shop will be closing in a few days! I  always close around Thanksgiving and  stay closed until after the New Year, so if there is something you are wanting please order soon :-)

So what are *you* thankful for today?


  1. I ordered Kyla's kitchen yesterday and I can't wait to get it! And we are going to go straight to a twin bed for Kyla too. My mom has a really nice one with a wooden headboard that we're going to paint white. I don't think we'll be using it for awhile yet though.

    I am also thankful that I can stay home with my kids. After reading that story you posted and hearing a few horror stories about babysitters, I can't imagine leaving my kids with someone else all day.

    1. Cool! Which kitchen did you end up getting?

      Raya's bed is mine from high school/college and we just made matching headboards for them. At our old house though we painted my old headboard white and it turned out really cute :-)

  2. I got this one:

    Which one did you get?

    1. Same one! You will love it. I was surprised because I assumed all the little decorations (clock/to do list/etc) were stickers that I would apply...but they are actually like printed directly to the wood so I think it'll hold up much better since the girls can't peel the stickers off and such. All of my pieces came in perfect condition too except for a couple teeny tiny scratches above the stove knobs. But barely noticeable and I could touch it up with pink paint if needed.


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