Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Great Paci Rescue

Picked up the girls from my parents' house tonight. Got home  and a short while  later found  Brielle sitting *in* her suitcase, which she  had gotten into in order to rescue her paci (which she knows is for her crib only!)

Looking mighty pleased with herself!

While the girls  were gone today "Santa" did some  shopping---got their play kitchen ordered!

Then I  tried to get some things  ready so that we can  take pictures for our Christmas card this week (I really  want to mail them out right after Thanksgiving this year!) ....I spent way too much time at Gymboree trying to get outfits to match a particular hat that I really  love---but alas I finally  picked  something and when the girls  tried the dresses on tonight they both hated them and complained they were uncomfortable haha. So I will be returning everything and I think just make do with some outfits we already have.

I do still love the hats though! Maybe I can pick them up dirt cheap after xmas or something for  next year

And remember how I  said that  Lee's  punishment for  leaving me home alone  for an insane amount of time was  that I'm going to have fun spending his money while he's away? Well  today Lee bought me a new purse---thanks honey! :-P

My only  purse had been a small crossbody fossil purse that  I really  love, but since I got rid of the diaper bag (yay!) I need to stick diapers for Brielle in my purse. And it was hard to shove much in the small  purse I had. So now I have a cute fossil purse in the big  style :-)  And don't worry Lee, I'm not picking  on you too bad....this purse was originally $110, on sale for $35---wahoo! Love a good bargain.

Tomorrow I  think the girls and I  are going to do a spa day and I'll let them do makeup, hair, and nails....Raya should be in seventh heaven!  But  still, hurry up daddy....come back  home!!!!! lol


  1. I have put that exact same purse on my Christmas list to my mom!!!! That is too funny! Love it! Tomorrow sounds like it's going to be a fun day!! =)

    1. LOL...that's hilarious! You have good taste ;-)

  2. I love that purse! Lee did a great job! ;)

    Take lots of pictures for your spa day! :)

  3. Love that hat Raya is wearing, super cute.
    Cute purse!
    Have an awesome time at the spa!!!


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