Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To the beach anyone?

This morning I told Raya  she needed  to be good because I was taking her  to a special  surprise later.

She responded , "Oh, I know, we're going to the BEACH! And I will  need my bucket  and shovel to build sandcastles, and  my towel, and my....."

She was so excited lol.

So imagine  how worried I was that she would be mighty disappointed when we pulled  into the  Children's Museum instead today! haha. She took it well though ;-) Maybe we can do the beach know, in 40 degree weather hehe.

The girls were AMAZING today---so well behaved and played so nice. We had an awesome day at the museum.

It was funny because  I dressed them matching today and one  lady  said "oh, I  see some little girls who must have just had their  pictures taken!"  ....and I laughed and said, "no, we just  like to match!" haha.

But  the funniest  thing was while the girls were playing Raya came up to me at one point quite  upset and said she wanted to go. Then she said "those people keep saying 'look  at those TWINS', and we are not  twins Mommy!"  haha...she was absolutely  horrified. I don't think she even knows what twins are, but  she was  under the impression that it was quite the insult. I  told her "well, just tell  them 'no, we're sisters!"  and she said "I did tell  them that--but they call  us twins!!!"

I forsee the matching sister outfits not lasting much longer  if this keeps up haha.

But  didn't they look  so stinkin' cute?

And how weird that I found both  these sweaters *used* at two different times and they just happened to be in the sizes I needed and in like new  condition for a few bucks each? From the  Gap---clearly  meant to be haha.
Before we left today the girls were being pretty goofy!

And I talked to Lee today---no deer as of yet. Halfway through his time away and nothing to show for it ;-P I told him when  he returns I'm going to spend a week downstairs in my office, but  not produce a single shirt LOL.


  1. People ask me quite often if kaylee & Keira are twins. The girls look cute in their matching sweaters

  2. They look so cute!

    Soon enough she will be wanting to dress like big sister all the time ;)

  3. You are so funny! That sounds like something I would say to Joe about spending time downstairs! :)

    And, those sweaters were totally meant to be! They look so adorable!

  4. My girls get the twins thing ALL THE TIME. Even if they aren't dressed alike! It's like... really? Umm yes they are only a year apart but Lidia looks like an 8 year old and Carly looks her 2 year old age so I don't get how you think they are twins but whatever! Imagine when we go somewhere with my stepdaughters who are actually twins! We get the whole, "omg! how do you do it with two sets of twins?!" I just let that one go because then I look like supermom and who doesn't want to feel like that?!? hahaa!


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