Friday, November 16, 2012

To whom it may concern,

I often see other bloggers do "letters" on their blogs, and it seemed like a good thing for today so here goes nothing :-)

Dear Raya's dance teacher,

I appologize for skipping dance today. No one is madder about it than myself (well, maybe Raya is! She declared that we needed to drive there 'in the dark' tonight haha). I hate that i paid for  a class today that we didn't attend, especially when she doesn't have class next week either  because of the holiday. It was just one of those days!

Dear PayPal customer  service,

I blame you for the above dance mishap. If I hadn't spent 2 hours on the phone with you this afternoon I wouldn't have gotten distracted and forgotten Raya's ballet class! I'm sorry that the foreign customer service rep couldn't figure out how to help me, but even more sorry that it took 2 hours to come to that conclusion.

Dear Amazon customer service,

I  love you. I called today about a missing item and you immediately sent a new one to me, with overnight shipping, no questions asked. I'm glad that our Elf on the Shelf's *skirt* was of such  high priority to you :-)

Dear Raya,

Thanks  for being so sweet tonight. When I was singing "you are my sunshine" to you before bed, as always, you sang along and then adlibbed "please don't take my *Mama* away" said that's the way Sawyer sings the song to Grandma :-)

Dear Brielle,

Thanks for taking a super long nap today. I needed the break  to deal with crazy customer service calls!

Dear Lee,

Thanks for taking us bed shopping tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting Brielle a big girl bed so that we can slowly start moving her to Raya's room soon. I hate the idea of messing with a good thing when Brielle sleeps so well in her crib, but I know that  after  Christmas I will  be anxious to turn the nursery into our new playroom!

Dear dishes,

Please wash  yourselves. Thanks .

Dear blog readers,

I  love you! Thanks for sticking around even on days like this when I blog about nothingness and then try to "save" the hopeless post by ending with random pictures of my cute girlies :-)

I think this is Raya's first ever sweater vest, and I've  decided that  they really suit her!  (And yes, she is wearing cherries even though I despise them. It was sooooo cheap though I couldn't pass it up, and Raya looks awesome in red :-)

She was trying to do her hands  on her cheek  pose ;-)

Dear Thanksgiving,

I appologize for not giving you due respect, but the girls were so excited to put up the Xmas themed window clings that we found in the $1 section at Target.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! What are everyone's plans for this weekend? Can you top the excitement of mattress shopping?!?! ;-)


  1. Love the letters =)

    And the sweater vest that Raya is wearing...LOVE!!! It's super cute! =)

  2. The dishes washing themselves was one of my letters as well!!
    Maybe the more we write letters to them to wash themselves...
    they actually will one day!! loL! =)

  3. Love this post!!!!!!! Did it just make you cry when Raya said please don't take my mama away!!!
    Grama F

  4. You call this "nothingness?" love this post! And yes, Raya looks adoarable in that sweater!

  5. Oh, my darn dishes won't do themselves either.. they're crazy lol.

    Your girls are adorable! I look forward to reading and seeing more pictures! :)


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