Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Here are some Tuesday Tidbits!

1) Happy 1st Birthday today to my nephew Ryan! We can't wait to see you in January :-)

Birthday  wishes from your cousins! (And cousins' cousins ;-)

2) Can you believe that today was  also Twinkle the Elf's birthday?! Yeah, I had no idea either.

The girls were watching TV while I was still sleeping (early) this morning....I woke up about 20 minutes after they were up to SCREAMS of "Mama, come quick!"....so I jump out of bed and run to the kitchen to see what is wrong---and then realized that they had simply found Twinkle for the day lol

Raya loved this mornings set up. She was very excited about the "friends" Twinkle had chosen to invite to her party haha.

Now the reason Twinkle is often on the counter is to keep her out of reach of Brielle! But after I took this picture I realized the elf was a little creepy sitting there next to our knives LOL

It made me think of this ecard I saw on Pinterest the other day

Sawyer was very interested in our elf. Once  he figured out how she  "worked" he got right  down to business with Raya, showing  Twinkle various Toys-R-Us ads for items he wanted her to tell  Santa that he wanted ;-)

The kids also all made  Twinkle birthday cards today.
3) Today all the cousins enjoyed the Christmas lights on our little trees :-) We're planning  to get our real tree on Saturday!

4) Lastly, tonight Lee picked up Brielle's new bed, which was finally ordered in! We got it all  set up and Raya *insists* that we at least try to have Brielle sleep in there tonight haha...so I am going to try laying them both down  and see what happens. I expect to get Brielle not long after and stick  her in the crib, but maybe she'll surprise me! I'm anxious to take the crib down and turn that room into a playroom! :-)

We still need to paint the other  nightstand and put it  on the other side of the tree. And behind Rayas bed is our really old kitchen set, which we will be throwing away after santas visit :-P

The big wall above Brielles  bed  is just waiting for me to decide what  I want to do there haha. I'm debating many ideas. I also want to maybe do monograms above their beds---either on the wall or mounted directly on the headboards---not quite sure yet.
Wish  us luck tonight! lol.

**ETA: Within 5 minutes Raya was asleep...I heard Brielle say "Raya?" one time and then she fell immediately asleep too! I'm still bracing for a middle of the night freak out, but so far so good!.


  1. i love that they yelled for you when they found your elf!!

    The bedroom is so cute! I cant wait to do Breannas big girl room but it will be a little while longer

    1. Thanks! It's fun decorating big girl rooms :-)

  2. Raya's hair looks adorable in that 3rd pic. I want a real tree but hubs says no. Good luck tonight. I'm afraid when we set up Keira's bed, I'm afraid of her getting out and her and kaylee trying to play.

    1. Raya is a big rule follower, so I told her no talking or playing and she went right to sleep. I think Brielle is too scared to get down in the dark and try to play by herself, so she went right to sleep too. I think Brielle would have trouble trying to take a nap in their during the day though.

  3. Good for the girls!!! Their room is sooo adorable!! And where did you get Raya's plaid shirt? I have seen it on a few girls and I LOVE IT! They probably don't make it in Emma's size, but curious where you got it from =)

    1. Thanks!

      Her shirt is Gymboree...it's a big girl shirt, so it went all the way up to size 10 or whatever...but I got it clearance a year ago, so it was a past line. The line was called "tropical bloom" and if you search on ebay for gymboree tropical bloom in the kid girl section there are lots of new with tag shirts like it selling for under $10 :-)

    2. Thank youu!!! I'm going to have to find her size and order cause I love it! =)

  4. That makes me soooo sad to see my last baby in a big girl bed, she looks sooo little!!!!!! PS, that is a little creepy seeing Twinkle sitting by the knives!!!!! The cousins all look like they were having agood time today!!!
    Grama F

  5. Loving your elf on the shelf stories. That pinterest sign is perfect for today.

    We are getting our tree Saturday too.

    The girls room is adorable!

  6. Well, we need an update! Did they make it all the way through the night? I'm not even thinking about having Kyla go to a twin bed. We are also going to skip the toddler bed thing and go right to the twin bed. She's just not ready yet and not even attempting to get out of the crib. Can't wait to hear how it went.

    By the way, your elf stories/pictures make my day!

  7. Love the elf and that your girls are sharing a room! My boys will combine in our next move and I can't wait :)


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