Tuesday, December 11, 2012

23 months old -- a look back!

So today my little 1-11-11 baby is official 23 months old---next month she'll be TWO! Since I will probably focus on cute birthday photos next month I thought I'd do a (slightly early) 2 year lookback and check  in today...enjoy!

Her first year monthly  photos with Sock Monkey! (up to 10 months...)

And here  is 11 months .....

Notice how Sock  Monkey was thrown  on the ground before I could e ven get a photo! haha. Hence why there is no 12 month photo---these photoshoots had become too painful ;-)

Here are some of my favorite professional pics  of Brielle during her first 10 months...

Her newborn session included ZERO pics of her sleeping...she stayed  up for 3+ hours before we gave  up lol.

The start of her  now infamous big  blue eyes!

Then 3 months...

6 months...

This  is my of my fav pics of her :-)
Then 10 months....

That  was the last of our pro photos because then we moved and later I started doing my own photos.

Here was Brielle's first birthday invite and thank you cards

Then this was around 14 months old or so

18 months old (middle 2 pics obviously :-)   ...

20ish months  I believe...

And now from today, 23 months old!

We love you so much! I always say you are the perfect "caboose" to our family of four.  It's a little sad that we are almost another year past the baby stage, but I can honestly say that I prefer your fun little personality now at this age, without all the work of the  baby stage! Can't wait to watch you continue to grow---but I think maybe at age 4 I'm going to put a stop to your sister and you growing any more---just stay little forever please :-) XOXO


  1. She's gotten so big. Love the pic of her in that fur vest! And those giraffe boots are adorable

    1. Thanks! Yes, I knew I needed those boots the first time I saw them --- she's obsessed with boots too so it's win win ;-)

  2. She is such a doll - those blue eyes!!
    I love the sock monkey theme for her first birthday. That's the theme we're going to do for our little man for his big day. Did you do any posts on her birthday? I'd love to see what you did, and borrow some ideas. ;)

    1. Yep! Jan. 2012 in the archives has bday posts! :-)

    & I love those purple leg warmers!
    & All her headbands!! =)

    1. Thanks! We always had to bring lots of accessories on picture day haha :-)

  4. I love seeing the progression like this! What day is she two? My youngest daughter is two on January 15th :)

    1. The 11th--she's my 1-11-11 baby! :-)

  5. so cute and so big! i love her baby blues

  6. OMG!!!!!!!! What a pretty pretty baby!!!! This post makes me smile, but also makes me sad, growing up way to fast!!!!
    Grama F


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