Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Available for hire

Miss Raya is now available for hire if you have  any bed-making needs! :-)

Posing next to her bed, which she made all by herself!
I guess I have never really expected Raya to make her own bed before. I still think of her as my baby girl! Plus I am quite particular about wanting the blankets and pillows "just so" haha. But today I was in the kitchen and Raya started screaming for me to come quick because she had a surprise! And boy was I surprised when I walked in and saw her standing proudly next to her bed, which she made all by herself without any prompting. I made a huge deal of it saying I was so impressed! And she was beaming and kept saying "It's so much fun! I'm a good bed maker" haha. She now I told her that can be her job each morning. I love how she even got all the pillows stacked up there hehe (Even if they *are* in the wrong order ;-)

Bless her heart, she also tried to make Brielle's bed....but that was hard considering Brielle was *in* the bed! She was sitting in her bed to get some paci-sucking time, since that's the only place they are allowed haha. It's like baby crack :-P

For a Twinkle the elf update, Twinkle continues  to move around the house every morning. Many times she just is feeling a little lazy and doesn't do much more than sit on a shelf or somewhere on a counter/etc. Other mornings she's more ambitious! lol. One morning this week she brought the girls a new bead lacing toy, which they thought was really cool. Then a couple mornings ago she showed up with all the supplies for cupcake making! So of course the girls insisted on making cupcakes right after breakfast :-P They even got to frost them all by themselves!

Then the next morning we found Twinkle with a half  eaten cupcake! She left a note telling the girls thanks for the yummy cupcake :-)

Today I had a rheumatology appointment that my doctor had rescheduled without asking me....which meant my appointment was on a day when my mom couldn't babysit so I had to bring the girls. Oh joy lol. We stopped at Target at picked up a couple new Lalaloopsy figures which worked as an awesome distraction during the appointment, and they schooled the nurses on what Lalaloopsy dolls are! We also had to look our cutest since everyone at that doctor knows me well and they always ask about my kids but never meet them.

I know you are probably sick  of all the giraffe, but the previous pics have been the girls just trying on the clothes, and today we actually *wore* them haha. It goes without saying that all the eldery people at the rheumatologist were quite entertained by the cute little giraffe girls!!

These photoshoots have started turning quite  silly!

"Hmmm...I wonder what  other cute  things I could do?!"

These two are crazy, but there is nothing quite like a sibling relationship! I love watching them together---they are truly best friends and I'm so happy they have each other! :-)


  1. Good job raya on making your bed.
    Our elf has been lazy all week flying around on his hang glider. He will be leaving a note for the girls cause they were naughty today.
    Loving the girls outfits

  2. They do look cute!

    There are so many mornings I wake up to the girls telling me Nosebee is in the same place AGAIN... haha!

    That is hilarious that Brielle was in the bed and Raya tried to make it and even more funny that she just hangs out in bed to get some suck time!

  3. Love the outfits!!! I bet you were the talk of the doctors office!!!!!!!! So cute that Raya wants to make her bed, now get her started on dishes since mama has a phobia!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Raya makes her bed better than my husband does with ours!

  5. Aw she did a great job! Your girls are so cute!


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