Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

So, as I hinted in yesterday's post, Christmas Day Santa brought not only  presents but puke as well! I  went to bed around  midnight, after carefully preparing everything for the next morning....and at 1am I woke up to blood curdling screams from the girls' room---and when I opened the door I saw Raya, covered in puke and screaming. I called out to Lee  "get in here! We have a freaking Christmas nightmare!"  ....and so began a good 30 minutes of washing sheets, remaking beds, finding a puke bucket, etc. etc. Merry Christmas to us LOL.

Thankfully we made it through the night and Raya got a little sleep. We work up at 7am and Raya said she felt good enough to go see if Santa had come, so I got my camera ready and Lee sent the girls out to see their big gift---the long awaited pink kitchen.

Let's just say there reactions were not what I expected:

So much for the matching  Christmas morning pjs....Raya's had puke on them :-P

Have you ever seen two little girls more excited?! LOL ...I think Brielle was just completely  confused, and poor  Raya couldn't muster up the strength to say anything more than "look, my pink  kitchen"  ---I know she was super excited on the inside ;-)

Santa even put some fun new  wooden food inside! I looooove all the Kidkraft wooden food sets....and the little  bottles on the 2nd shelf there are Melissa and Doug. I'm trying to slowly switch out all  their kitchen stuff to wood only and get rid of the plastic cheapy stuff.

Poor Raya  wanted to play so bad, but  you could  tell she still felt sick :-(

While we got ready to head  downstairs (to see if Santa ate the cookies and milk, see the stockings, etc.) Raya waited in the bucket we were keeping nearby---just in case of more puke! Luckily she  never did puke again after the episode at night.

Downstairs  the girls found their stockings, some more presents  from Santa (unwrapped) and a few from Lee  and I (wrapped). I really did cut back big time on the number of gifts this year, and I'm glad considering poor Raya didn't have the stamina this  year to open much more anyways! They each got a Barbie and some Dora chapsticks in their stockings, and then they got legos and a learning pie sorter game from Santa....and then from Lee and I they each got two games. Raya was so sweet---when I told her that Mommy and Daddy had gotten her a few presents too, in addition to Santa, she immediately gave me a big hug and said "thanks mommy!" awww :-) We kind of messed up a little though, because Lee and I didn't buy gifts for eachother---instead  we went shopping together and sort of bought  eachother gifts while we were out together that way---then everyone gets exactly what they want! Plus we buy ourselves stuff all the time lol. But anyways, Raya was quite upset that "Santa" hadn't  left Lee or I anything in our stockings! Oops. Note to self---next year we need to buy eachother stuff for stockings :-P

Checking out the downstairs loot!

Putting on the Dora chapsticks! (this is why Brielle's  hair is always in a little ponytail!)

No matter how many times I tell her, she insists on wiping chapstick all over her entire face LOL

Raya's lips are fruitylicious!

A princess cupcake game

A minnie bingo game

Thankfully this was the last present---you can tell Raya is ready to lay down again! (The 4th game they got from us---not pictured---was a Melissa and Doug sandwich stacking game)

So after presents the girls got dressed and we all  rested for awhile until my parents showed up! My dad was helping Lee build furniture for the new playroom and my mom wanted to see the girls' new toys and play---so they stayed for the day and hung out.

She looked so pitiful  on the couch rubbing Dora chapstick on her lips---the only  new gift she had the energy to "play" with LOL

Brielle had fun playing with their kitchen though!

Checking out the Minnie  Mouse bingo game

Grandma's here!

Raya would  get occassional  bursts of energy---here they are playing with Brielle's new  legos!

For furniture Lee got me 3 big bookcases to store toys...and my parents had gotten the girls a table and chairs and a toybox/ that's what Lee and my dad were working on putting together :-P
And yesterday some neighbors delivered a huge plate of homemade goodies!

By the end of the day the boys had all the furniture built, and my mom helped me put all the toys away---now we have some good lookinng rooms for the girls! hehe

Here is the kitchen in it's new spot in the girls' bedroom...the colors match so perfectly!

I still need to do some more organizing on the shelves...
I'm going to have all the cute wooden food sets displayed and then all the mismatched kitchen stuff inside the kitchen
---with overflow in a tote that we can pull out as needed

And now the playroom! The nursery furniture is gone and we have an awesome play space now!
It's only been less than a day, but  already I'm so glad we moved the playroom upstairs. Now there is no more dragging toys up and down the stairs...and the new space is much brighter too.  (I still have tons of accessorizing to do, but here's how  we set it up! I need to get curtains, cushions and/or pillows for the "window seat" toy box, some sort of wall display above the *short* bookcase (which I will paint---it's an old handmedown and needs repainted), and I also want a couple cute placemats for the table to help protect it from wear and tear. We actually still have empty shelves and  empty totes to fill up, so there is more space in here than I expected!

Woodland play land! :-)  The new toybox stores all the stuffed animals/dolls...I want to make it more of a window seat with a cushion or pillow or something

This is that rug I mentioned buying awhile back---I love it!

So glad I sold a bunch of baby toys---they still have too much crap! lol :-)

Behind Brielle is that short bbookshelf I want to paint (hoping to paint it a red color to match the new chairs) ...and above the bookshelf I want to do a bunch of frames in all different colors to match the rug :-)

And this  closet is the next to -do project---it's going to be a big  dress up closet! We got tons of hooks to hang all over in there right at the girls' they can hang up all their own dress up clothes...and we'll have a little drawer unit for all their dress up jewelry and various accessories :-)

The new table is so cute. It's by Kidkraft and really mom and I can sit at it no problem. It should last the girls a really long time!

So there you have it---our Christmas Day! Thankfully today Raya woke up feeling just fine and no one else is Sawyer is actually coming over for a sleepover tonight and Raya is out of her mind excited haha. Then tomorrow Lee is watching all the kids while I go shopping with my mom for the day! She's taking me out for the rest of my Christmas present/Birthday present (my birthday is in January). Then Thursday night Lee plans to take both girls with him to his parents' for the weekend (first  time Brielle has gone without me!) so I get an entire quiet weekend just for Mama! :-)


  1. Everything looks nice! We need to get rid of so much of Emma's baby toys! We have a tiny house!!!

    I'm glad your little sick one starting feeling some better!

  2. Poor Raya =( I'm sooo glad she is better!! I love the picture of Raya and Brielle with their super duper excited faces on Christmas morning!! haha Emma is the exact same way! Your toy room looks GREAT!!! =)

  3. Poor raya. Glad to hear she's feeling better. Love that kitchen. Keira does the same thing with Chapstick, all over the face

  4. Aww poor girly girl! of all the days to be sick :( Glad she's feeling better now!

    I love those kitchens -- that's what I had originalyl wanted -- but we found a plastic little tykes / step 2 kitchen or something and ended up with it since it was such a great deal I couldn't pass it by. Everytime I see a picture iwth the wooden kitchens I start to regret that decision though!! So cute!

    And their woodland toy room is just PERFECT! :)

  5. Poor Raya! I felt so bad for her looking at the pictures. :( Glad she is feeling better now!

    Your mom always looks so darn cute!

    What are you going to do all weekend without anybody home? How exciting!

    1. I will probably do some bumming in town, but I also have a long to-do list of things I've been wanting to get done! A couple sewing projects, stuff for Brielle's birthday, sort or photograph outgrown baby clothes to sell for the spring/summer season, finish organizing the new playroom, get caught up on laundry........ we'll see how much I actually get done! LOL

  6. The playroom looks great!
    Jessie Z.


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