Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve recap

Going to break this into two parts---first up, Christmas Eve!

We made Santa cookies, decorated plates to sit them on, and made Twinkle little elf sized donuts (recipe is one cheerio, some frosting, and sprinkles ;-)

Pretty plates for Santa!

Making cookies was not without fighting....fighting over the dough lol

Brielle tattling on Raya :-P

Brielle was trying to copy Raya

Sorry Santa, she beat you to this one!

A tiny elf-sized donut for Twinkle!

In our house Twinkle waits here for Santa and gives him the final word on whether the girls have been good enough for gifts. Then if they have been good she helps Santa put out the presents and then she hops on his sleigh to fly back with him to the North Pole and live there until next year!

Raya said her final goodbye and showed Twinkle the donuts we were going to leave out :-)
Then I decided I wanted to try and get a cool Christmas tree lights photo so I tried it with  the girls...

...but  since we have colored lights on our tree it wasn't turning out quite as I wanted, so we got in our matching holiday pjs and read "The night before Christmas" and then tried some pics in front of our little trees with white lights. Love how it turned out!

Putting out carrots for the reindeer!

And the reindeer food her dance teacher gave her---looked like oatmeal and glitter lol

Putting the cookies and milk downstairs by the fireplace!

So excited!

Looking out the window to look for Rudolph's glowing nose!

Stay tuned for part two, Christmas Day..... I'll  give you a hint---it was puke-tastic! :-o


  1. I love how you made elf sized cookies! LOL Super cute pictures, and man oh man...poor Raya. I hope she's feeling better!!! And Merry Christmas to you guys!!

  2. So much fun! Twinkle had some pretty awesome donuts :)

  3. Love the donuts for twinkle. Too cute. I love that pic of them in front of the tree with the white lights

  4. Just love these pics!!!!!! The pic of Raya holding Twinkles' donuts is great!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. The elf cookies are great!!! I also loves Twinkles skirt, Ariel, our elf had one too! The girls' pjs were so cute!

    I'm not sure I want to hear about the puketastic part of Christmas!

  6. The elf cookies are fantastic!!


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