Friday, December 7, 2012

Fashion Friday

You're never fully dressed without a smile.....and a hat :-)

I bought t his outfit  a couple  months ago at Old Navy. It made me so happy that my petite girl can still rock  size 18-24 month, because  it's from the newborn section :-) Soon we will be saying goodbye to that  section forever, so I might as well enjoy  it now right?! hehe

Raya is wearing Naartjie (she's worn this  before--it does happen haha. If there is a day I don't  post about their clothes it's safe to assume it's because they're wearing repeats! Although I will admit they have an excessive number of clothes, they do still wear most everything 3-4 times at least :-)

She snuck her paci!

...and Mama took it away!!

Raya hadn't  let me do her hair  yet  this morning---a little bedhead going  on ;-)
In other fashion Friday news, I forgot to take  their pic yesterday (wearing repeat matching dresses from last year), but the day before they wore this:

Raya  is wearing a Gap dress---we really  have no need  for dressy Christmas outfits like that, but I literally paid $3 for this from the Gap last year.  I figured  even if she only  wore it around the  house I could just sell it later. Brielle is wearing hand me down Gap jeans---these are my favoreite! And the  vest is from a Valentine's Day outfit someone bought her as a baby  gift--she wore it last year.

Lastly today, here  are a couple recent Etsy designs. First, blogger friend Amy ordered these for her two-- a little Christmas humor :-)

This was a custom birthday outfit for someone who wanted a bright and colorful owl outfit --- bright and colorful? check! Owl? Check! Think we nailed it.
Happy Friday everyone! Stay stylish ;-)


  1. LOVE the owl birthday outfit!! SOOO cute!

  2. Love the outfits! If I ever have a girl we are in serious trouble... ALL.THE.CLOTHES!!! How old is your youngest? My 8 month old can't fit into anything BUT 18 month stuff (he's a tank)!

    1. She'll be 2 in January! She's average weight, but short :-) My oldest was always the 95th%ile so it's new to me having a petite one! haha

  3. The girls are looking stylish as always. Loving your latest projects (I should order 2 naughty shirts for kaylee & Keira and a nice shirt for Kendall)..haha. Love the bright colors on the owl outfit

    1. Haha...that would be hilarious on your girls :-)

  4. LOVE all of it. And the shirts you made for Amy are too cute!!

  5. The tutu!!! So adorable!!! Your girls could be models!!!

  6. Oh my word! I am dying over that owl birthday outfit!

  7. My two adorable grandbabies!!!!!! They are as sweet as they are cute!!!
    Grama F


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