Monday, December 10, 2012

Fashion Show!

So Grandma F., shield your eyes :-)   ....but here are the items that the girls NEEDED from the Gymboree cyber monday sale awhile back. They just arrived today (and actually I'm still waiting on a couple other things from this line to arrive). But this giraffe line is one of my all time it!

First, Raya rockin' a giraffe toggle sweater (sold out day one so I feel very cool that I even snagged one haha) ...and of course the matching giraffe hat!

She just tried it on with what she already had on---normally we would pair it with her hot pink skinny jeans from Old Navy. She has giraffe print sneakers still on the way as well---- swoon.

This dress is from the same line but no actual giraffe on it. I plan on this being her valentine's day outfit. (We would normally pair with white leggings and pink boots or something).

Now  Brielle is getting giraffe face boots (they haven't come yet, but they are so cute I had to get her something to wear with them! lol) I got this hoodie. It's a size 2t/3t though and running big unfortunately, but we'll make due.

How cute is this hood?!

She can also borrow Raya's hat! (See, I'm being thrifty by  having them share hehe ;-)
Lastly, this is actually Raya's  favorite item. The one lone thing that isn't from the giraffe line! She loves this dress and wore it the rest of the day.

So YAY for fashion shows! Thankfully the latest line that came out from Gymboree this week isn't  my style at all, so my wallet can take a little break haha.


  1. So, so cute! I need you to become my personal shopper for my girls! ;)

    1. Do I get to use *your* money? If so, sign me up! LOL ;-)

  2. How adorable! If I ever have a little girl I'm going to go broke! :)

  3. This post gave me an idea!!! In addition to your Etsy shop and photography business you need to start your personal shopper business!!!!!


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