Monday, December 31, 2012

No more paci!

Before  we ring in 2013 I thought  I better document  a huge 2012 accomplishment that happened over  a week ago and I forgot to mention ---- Brielle doesn't use a paci at all anymore!!!

A few days before Christmas Brielle was driving me crazy with her paci...wanting to go  sit in her bed a lot to get sucking time in, constantly asking about it, etc. So I just took a scissors and cut the end off. Brielle kept telling me it was broken and that Daddy would fix it when he got home lol. Daddy got  home and told her  he couldn't fix it (broke her little heart) and that was the end of paci.

The first night she kept waking up crying, and I had  to keep going in to lay with her. But after that first night she's slept just  fine, and really doesn't even talk about paci anymore! The only thing that had changed from before is that she used to just lay down without any problems at night at go to sleep, but without the paci to entertain herself while she waits to fall asleep she  now tends to fuss more and she likes Lee or I to lay with her in bed. I always swore I wouldn't be a parent who did that, but I'd say about 50% of the time now we have been laying with her for about 15 minutes. Hopefully we can stop that  soon, but  it's a lot better than the  constant paci obsession!

So yay Brielle, you're a big girl now---no more paci!!! :-)

Here are a few photos as we say  goodbye, forever, to paci!  (She  still has  the  little stuffed animal puppy/monkey/lion from them, but the paci parts are at the landfill!)

Happy New  Year's Eve everyone! I will be back to normal blogging soon. If you haven't gotten all caught up on my *many* Christmas posts and my 2012 recap then be sure  to look back at my last few updates! :-)


  1. yay big girl!!! Breanna never took the paci she is a thumb sucker. My sister did the cutting of the tops for my nephew.

    happy new year to you and your family!!

  2. Yay. Good job Brielle. We cut the tip off keiras too & after that she didn't want it anymore.

    Happy new year!

  3. Aww... I am going to miss seeing her cute little paci animals, but good job! What a big girl!

  4. This post makes me very sad!!!!!!
    Grama F


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