Saturday, December 1, 2012

O Christmas Tree....

This  morning we went  out and got our family Christmas tree!

Unfortunately we don't have any snow here yet!

Getting a real tree is another memory I *don't* have from growing up myself. I remember we got a real tree one year, but I think it may have been a precut one, I'm not quite sure. Anyways it fell over while we were gone and broke all  our ornaments and made a huge mess and I remember my mom never wanted another again haha.

But ever since Raya's first Christmas when we got a real tree I have LOVED doing that. Something about having a different tree every year and remembering how you went out and picked the perfect one and cut it down is so cool. Plus  it makes for much better photo ops than unboxing the fake tree ;-)

Let's take a look down memory lane at Raya's past trees (I  always like to get a picture of her next to a tree "her size" hehe)

Here was  Raya her very first Christmas

And  again with the finished tree from 2009

This  year was a really good tree---perfectly shaped!
Then her 2nd Christmas...posing (unhappily---it was cold!) with a tree her size

And then with the finished product

And then sadly last year (Raya's 3rd Christmas) we were so busy  with just moving here, etc. that we didn't get around to buying a real tree....bummer!

Here was a picture of Brielle last year though, screaming as we decorated the fake tree. She was *not* impressed haha

Which now brings us to this year---Brielle's first time picking out a real tree!

First we did pictures  of them with trees their size :-)

A Raya sized tree!

We did a tiny one for Brielle---since she never got her baby sized tree last year :-)

And then after lots of searching, we found the perfect tree for 2012!

And then we proceeded to take lots of pictures in front of the chosen tree :-)

Raya says it's the best tree ever!
And then Lee had to go find someone working there with a saw to cut it down (At our old tree farm we cut it ourself, but at this new tree farm they do it for you)

While we waited for Lee the girls posed by  random trees...

Daddy found the guy to cut the tree!

Girls don't  do manual labor---we just cheer Daddy on as he carries it himself LOL
Then we went home to decorate! The girls we wore out and napped on the short drive home.
Grandma F, over the last week  Brielle has randomly  become attached to that Scentsy monkey you gave her haha.

The girls danced to Christmas music  while we decorated!

And there you have it---Christmas tree 2012, complete!
So is your family a real tree or fake tree family? Do you have your tree up yet? It feels so festive in the house now, I love it! :-)

****And don't  miss the movie I posted earlier today, of the girls singing and Brielle counting!****


  1. Cute pictures.
    We have a fake tree and I've always wanted a real one but for some reason Jason says no

  2. Your tree is adorable! I love it!!! And your winter coat looks almost like the girls coats! I love it! =) Such a cute family =)
    As you've seen our tree is up....and it's fake. I do love real trees though!!! =)

    1. haha...Yeah, I've had my coat for a couple years....and I didn't realize/think about the fact that we'd be matching when I bought the girls new coats this year. Apparently I like black coats with fake fur LOL :-P

  3. Real!

    Love all the pics.!

  4. I'm glad you mentioned the videos, because I totally missed them!

    Love the tree! Ours isn't too sturdy this year... if we have a tipover, I wouldn't be surprised!!

  5. Love all the pics!!!!! Well I talked dad into a real tree that one year against his wishes, and when it fell over and broke all the ornaments I gave up the fight!!!!! I love the looks and smell of a real tree though, just can't get one myself!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  6. Love it! We've always had a fake tree -- we had real ones growing up, but I absolutely hate the mess, and with cats having a real tree can be a nightmare. And our living room is tiny -- we had to get one of those 'slimline' trees -- and nature doesn't really make many real trees that are skinny and tall!

  7. I love it! Wish I would have taken my camera, I did get a couple of pictures of the BF cutting it down.. he was jealous of you guys getting someone to do it for you!

  8. Your tree looks great! So cool that you have all of these memories captured for your girls! :)


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