Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Playroom update

So since all of the nursery furniture is being picked up on Sunday, I'm in full swing for decorating the new playroom!

Today I bought this rug---I hope it's as adorable in person as it looks  online and that the colors are right.

I  got a 4x6' size, so I'm thinking it will take up a good  chunk of the middle of the floor, and then we'llhave storage and such along all the walls. But I'll play with the  arrangement once I have everything. Since we want to keep the  trees and deer that we painted on the walls for the nursery, I thought this rug would be the perfect way to tie everything together. Still outdoorsy/woodland feel, but girlie with the flowers and introducing some new colors to the room!

Now the big wall where  the crib used to sit is where our main toy storage will be. I"m envisioning something along the lines of this:

But it will be a little  more peiced together. I am still looking for two bookshelves that  I can use for the two end peices....I  want larger bookshelves with more storage than what is pictured above. But then inbetween the two booksshelves I plan to put this hope chest/storage bench

This bench is one of the things my parents are getting the girls for Christmas. I wanted something to store their special baby  items/school papers/etc....a hope chest essentially. But I wanted a bench top so that we can use it in the playroom as a bench inbetween the two bookshelves. Then above the bench I want to do framed pictures (in place of the ABC art shown in the earlier example picture).

For the wall art I want to have  all kinds of different sized frames---I will probably paint them colors to match the rug. And I'm still debating the art I want in them, but  I have many favorites on Etsy that I've saved so far! Here are a few of my favorites that I think tie in my theme perfectly

I'm loving toadstools right  now so I for sure want to incorporate those in the room. I was thinking about making window valances out of polkadot fabric ....something like t his

When I get my rug I'm  going to reevaluate if the polkadot curtains go well with it or not.
The other big thing my parents are getting the girls is a table  for their playroom. They are  getting this set

Only the  table will be vanilla color (to match the storage bench they are getting) ....

....and the chairs to go with the table are cranberry red. Which I'm hoping will go with my toadstool accents and hopefully match the reddish  color in the rug, or at least not clash too bad :-)

I'm trying really  hard to have  the playroom "go" and yet not  be matchy-matchy....isn't that what the designers always say to do?! ;-)

Then I'd love to make  a couple throw pillows for the little storage bench the girls can sit up their and read or whatever  if they want too. I found some cute fabrics to possibly make pillows from

In addition to toadstools I'm really loving Little Red Riding hood right  now too haha
So  anyways, that's what I'm planning so far! Can't  wait until  after Christmas so that I"ll  actually  have everything to play around with and see what  looks good where. I'm having the worst time trying to find good storage shelves/bookcases for storing toys. I  feel like all  the toy storage things are so small! I like that idea of the "cube" storage things that you use the canvas drawers in, but I think the girls have way too many toys that wouldn't  fit in those cubes, and then I'll be left with tons of toys sitting ont he floor.

Let me know if you have any ideas for me for toy storage (lee refuses to build me another toy storage unit haha....and we aren't taking the one from downstairs  apart again in order to move it upstairs!)

Also let me know if you've seen any fun decor that would go with this theme---help me play decorator! :-)  Happy "hump day" ....Thursday here we come!


  1. Can't wait to see the playroom when it's all finished. It looks like its going to be super cute.

  2. This stuff all looks super cute! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. It's all so cute! Can't wait to see it all finished. Have you checked out IKEA for storage units?

    1. I would love to check IKEA, but the nearest one to me is like 4 hours away---I haven't checked to see what online options they might have though. I need to roadtrip there! :-)

    2. Love, love, love IKEA. If you go don't be surprised to walk out with far more than you intended to buy when you walked in! Here's a link for storage units,
      I saw a few that I thought might fit your bill.
      Good luck in your search!

    3. Thanks! I've actually been there a few times, but not recently. I roadtripped to one in IL with my sister in law awhile back, but it was before I had planned to redo this room unfortunately! Thanks for the link :-)

  4. I love all your ideas and the rug is awesome! Where did you find it? I cant wait to see this room all put together!

    1. Thanks! The "brand" is Momeni Lil Mo ...if you search that there are tons of adorable rugs! This particular pattern I wanted though is hard to find---I found some business selling a brand new one on ebay.

  5. Love your theme and your girls are DOLLS Shawna! Isn't this planning stage the most fun? I'm so indecisive it always takes me a while, but envisioning what I want is always too fun. Beautiful family. :)

  6. I am the worst decorator so I have no tips. Anything I like I just throw into my house and it seems to all work. I love all of your cute ideas though.


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