Sunday, December 16, 2012

Raya's BFF

So first things  first, I was gone  all  weekend and  away from blog land, but I  wanted to join everyone else in expressing sympathy to everyone touched by the  tragic school shooting on Friday. There really  isn't  much more to say that hasn't  been said, but my heart breaks for the parents of those 20 little first graders--I can't imagine.


This  weekend Raya got to visit her BFF Bryn (Her dad and Raya's dad are BFFs too lol ;-)  Anyways, Bryn is only about 3 months older than Raya so they always have a great time playing together (and Brielle had  fun joining in this time too, now that she's such a big girl hehe) enjoy all the pictures of these two crazy cuties! (I would have loved  to get outside and do a "real" photoshoot of them but alas it was cold and rainy the whole weekend. So I did my best with quick snapshots during playtime---there was lots of hugging going on :-)

Party in the tub!

Getting ready to go play at Chuck E Cheese

Don't want to leave Brielle  out!

They played lots of dress up lol

Raya's already excited for her next  playdate! Until  next time....


  1. What a fun weekend the little ladies had!
    In regards to the tragedy the blogging world is encouraging bloggers to participate in Silent Tuesday - here's more info if your interested:

  2. Cute pictures!!!! The girls are all so stylish! =) I love Raya's plaid shirt!

  3. The girls are all so adorable together!!!! Looks like they had a great time!!!!
    Grama F


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