Thursday, December 27, 2012


So Raya  was sick on Christmas day, but  on the 26th she woke up feeling great again! And can you believe it--no one else in our family has gotten sick so far?! Whew...fingers crossed we continue the good luck.

So last night since everyone was feeling good again we decided to have  cousin Sawyer over for a slumber party! They played, ate mac n cheese, played in the bath, had a movie/popcorn/pop party, and slumbered on the floor of Raya's room (because she is *insistant* that a slumber party is only a slumber party if it involves sleeping on the floor lol).

She was in seventh heaven spending all this time with her favorite person in the whole world!


Pictures like this will most certainly be brought out for high school graduation parties ;-)

No sleepover is complete without mac n cheese!

Then today Lee watched all the kids and kept the sleepover party going strong while my mom and I went shopping! Check  out the goodies my mom got me for my birthday :-)

Bras (because  I hate spending my  own money  on those lol), a couple yellow placemats for the girls' playroom table, new boots (can you believe I don't own any fashion boots like this?! I'm very picky about shoes with my arthritis, but both these pairs are super comfy), then of course some skinny jeans to wear with the boots haha....and lastly, funny story about the vests. I really did want another vest because I own one and it's nice when I don't want to wear a coat (which when I'm with the girls I hate carrying a coat at the mall and stuff because I'm carrying so much of their crap already!) ....but  anyways, for xmas my mom had gotten me a Scentsy warmer---not knowing Emily also got me one---so I was able  to exchange that Scentsy warmer for *3* vests because they were on sale so insanely cheap!
Thanks mom!

And now tonight Lee left  with the girls for his parents' house---and I am sitting here shocked that I have 3 days to myself! I am meeting someone tomorrow morning to sell  my double stroller, and then I have an appt. to get a long overdue hair cut! Maybe some Starbucks after that :-)  Love my girls, but already enjoying my break!

Here they were before Lee loaded them in the car tonight

Probably  won't  update  the blog for  a couple days, because I'm not sure what I'd blog about with the girls gone! haha....maybe I'll do a post later about everything I (hopefully) accomplish while they are gone :-) 


  1. Those brown boots are sooo cute !! Are they from American eagle??
    Girls are going to have a blast- enjoy your time- I'm jealous !!

    1. No, they are from Kohls...Sonoma brand on sale for $30! :-) I got both pairs of those boots for way less than most people pay for one pair haha....they are super cute and comfy though!

  2. Oh my gosh - how was your first day alone???

    Your mom is so sweet! Awesome birthday gifts!

    1. It was awesome! Got my hair cut, did some shopping, hit Starbucks, and got some things done around the house :-)


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