Thursday, December 6, 2012

Teacher Mama---come to my "classroom"

So I  don't  do nearly enough "teaching" when I'm home with the girls as I think I should. I have no idea what other SAHMs *actually* do during the day, but I envision them doing structured learning activities for 70% of the day while they spend the other 30% of the day cleaning and cooking.....but not me. I try, but oftentimes my best intentions just don't become reality!

However I'm constantly hoarding various ideas on Pinterest for those times when we do find time to do some structured learning---Teacher Mama uses a little curriculum known as the world wide web lol.

Here are some of my favorite "pins" in case you are playing teacher in the future! (If you click on the  picture  it should take you to my Pinterest pin, and you can then click on my pin there to go to the webpage/article of origin!)

Love this one---Really interesting scientific reasearch about the best way to teach colors to your toddler

And I thought this was a good idea---make this paper plate activity and then walk around your neighborhood looking for letters of the alphabet on signs/etc...and fold down the letter when you find it!

This is a website  with lots of science experiements you can do using candy!

I  actually just found this puzzle  mat at the consignment store---this pin gives the idea to hide the letters around the house and then as you find them you put them in the correct spot. I bet Raya would love this game

This is a printable  scavenger hunt  to use on a walk

I  like this  pom pom sorting activity because we already have those stackable cup toys

This  is a printable  placemat to laminate---lots of good review learning to take place at the table!

This  post has various activites you can do with  counting bears

And here  is a link  to my entire Pinterest  board dedicated to educational activites---check out all  the other fun stuff I have "pinned" ----you should follow me! :-)  Shawna's Educational Activities board


  1. Such a good list.
    I often wonder the same thing. I have every intention of doing fun learning activities with the girls but it never works out. But I need to make some time

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some great ideas here for fun learning activities! :)

  3. So many great ideas- especially the ABC puzzle idea! I'm heading to your Pin board now!!
    I have a board dedicated to kids art, craft and entertainment that I've been stashing ideas away until the little man is old enough.


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