Monday, December 24, 2012

The 23rd

So I decided I better share my pics from yesterday *now*, or my Christmas Day post will take 4 hours to read :-P

Yesterday we did Christmas with my immediate family at my parents' house and had lots of fun---we all got tons of great gifts! We had yummy food too. Then at night we went to my Dad's extended family Christmas party and had another good time. Here are pics of our fun!

She found a necklace of mine and insisted on wearing it haha. She looks so old in it!

Grumpy butt :-P

The grandkids posing with  just a few of their presents haha. The foreign exchange student staying with John and Em couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the whole living room full lol

I guess Sawyer has been finding random things laying around their house and wrapping them up to give people. He was so excited to give Grandma his gift, and Emily had warned Grandma to act very surprised ---it was tinsel! :-P

Raya painted grandma a frame

And we made Grandma her yearly calendar

I was going to sell the girls' baby doll center because it takes up a lot of room and the girls didn't play with it much because they had other baby doll stuff. But Harper is OBSESSED with baby dolls so Grandma decided to buy it off of me and give it to her since it's like new and we knew Harper would love it :-)

Feeding her baby!

Sawyer got a policeman set....the glasses crack me up and I think John is trying to handcuff him lol
Lee decided to use old barn wood and his wood burner to create this sign for me dad---it has a rain gauge and different things on it. No idea what gave Lee this idea haha...but Dad seemed to like it!

Beautiful Ariel barbie for the mermaid lover

These play makeup kits were the big hit I think! My mom got them from an Etsy seller. They are so cute! Made will all *real* makeup containers so kids think they are playing with the real deal. Check out this girl's Etsy shop HERE

Raya got her long awaited Easy Bake Oven!!! She was so pumped. When she woke up this morning she said "You don't have to feed me food anymore now because I will just cook everything myself in my bake oven Mama!"    LOL...hope she plans to eat bite size cupcakes morning, noon, and night now :-P

She got her very own camera!

The girls got lots of other fun presents the top of my head I remember and Lalaloopsy remote control car, diaper bags, books, ornaments, little talking gerbil things, bracelets with animal charms, bath toys, *real* makeup (they all wore blue eyeshadow the rest of the day LOL), and much much more! My parents also got them a table and chairs and a toy box/bench for their new playroom. I'll share when we have that stuff put together haha.

After gifts Raya sang us all a few songs ;-)

Harper loved her new baby and diaper bag!

Raya got an owl diaper bag :-) All the girls still playing with pretend make up!

Sawyer got a rolling camo bag full of medical supplies and camping/bug catching stuff etc....instead of the baby doll stuff
Lee and I got lots of great stuff too but I won't bore  you all with the details. I got a bunch of new Scentsy stuff from John and Em so my house is going to continue smelling awesome hehe...and from my parents I  got my long awaited point and shoot camera! It's no DSLR obviously as far as picture quality, but it has a cool flip up screen so you can see yourself when taking self portraits and you can use hand motions to take a picture if you set the camera somewhere and then walk away and want it to take a picture hehe. It's all touch screen which is cool and I can upload them from the camera directly to email/etc. because it has wi-fi....which is neat since I don't have a fancy phone (and don't plan to get one any time soon---I'm holding out because I know I'd spend all my time on my phone otherwise LOL) So now I will be able to take even MORE pics for you all when we are out and about and I don't drag my big  camera along. You're welcome ;-)

So here are some fun self portraits I did with my new camera!

Me and my mom!

You can see some of Brielle's blue eyeshadow in this one haha
Here was Brielle sleeping on the way home---with her  blue eyeshadow lol

Rest time with her babies in their new swaddle blankets!

After quick naps for everyone we had to do a wardrobe change and head to the next Christmas party!

Eating a sucker because  she was grumpy when we woke her  up

Raya's holding the talking gerbil things they got. You say something to them and they repeat what you's pretty funny!

Pretty girl!

Whew! Ok, I'm caught up---stay tuned in a couple days for a big Christmas Day update!


  1. Looks like everyone made out good. Jason got me a point & shoot for Xmas. Kaylee wants & easy bake oven, I think we're gonna get her it for her birthday. Cute outfits. Have a great Christmas Day.

  2. Looks like a great day and I LOVE that you did a wardrobe change :)

  3. What a great day with all my kiddos, big and small!!!!!!Love all the pics, Brielles eyeshadow kills me!!!
    Grama F


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