Monday, December 3, 2012

There were three in the bed....

....and the little one said "MINE!" :-)

Sorry Brielle, Daddy likes to be annoying haha. Slumber party!

The girls continue to do well in their new  shared room,  and Brielle hasn't looked back since leaving her crib! We actually sold everything in the nursery to some I know through a good friend, and they are coming to pick it up on Sunday (The crib, mattress, changing table, bedding, and all a ccessories) I'll have  a blank slate to start decorating the playroom!! We sold everything for cheap, but Lee said it was worth it if he didn't have to deal with meeting crazies on facebook and he didn't want to have to find a place to store it all, so this way we are getting it all out of her at once, wahoo! (Our crib does turn into a full  size bed, but we actually don't have any full size mattresses so it seemed silly to store something that large "just in case")

But now with our changing table gone I think Miss Brielle better start thinking about potty training haha ;-)

Lastly, yesterday we had my mom's side of the family's Christmas party---the girls got some new Lalaloopsy toys and have been enjoying those. The weather was so nice (and warm!) that the kids were actually playing outside with no coats (which in Iowa in December is crazy!) so we all had a good time. The girls looked very cute in their coordinating outfits as well (Shirt were Gymboree clearance from last year, Raya's tutu was from a consignment store, and Brielle's red skinny jeans are Old Navy.)

Doing their "poses" in front of the tree LOL
If you haven't yet read my posts from this  weekend be sure to check those out too! We had  fun at the Christmas Tree farm and also I posted a movie of the girls, which I rarely think to do :-)


  1. Too cute. Keira moved into her big girl this weekend and is doing great too. She sleeps better in the bed than the crib. Yay for our big girls. That last pic of them in front of the tree doing the same pose is to cute!

  2. I'm so glad the girls are doing well in a room together! And good for you for selling everything =)
    I love the outfits that Raya and Brielle are wearing! I just got a new dress in the mail today for Emma from gymboree and I cannot wait to have her wear it! I'll be sure to post pictures!
    And that is crazy weather you are having in Iowa! We were completely ice covered yesterday, that melted and on my drive to work it was 46 degrees out. Crazy weather we are all experiencing that's for sure!!

  3. I want copies of the pics with Lee in bed with the girls!!!!!!!!! Way cute!!!! I think Lee looks like a little boy with that long hair!!!!( minus the beard)!!!!!

    1. haha...I'm going to tell him that---*he* thinks he looks like Ashton Kutcher with his hair long LOL ....I'm going to cut it while he sleeps one of these days!

  4. I love the silly pictures and of course their matching outfits. I'm hoping to get some holiday clothes on sale for next year!

    PS - Kyla has her first Naartjie outfit on today. I love it!

    1. Be sure to post of pic of her in it! :-)


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