Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tiny Taste Testers

I hope everyone is excited for the  food  we'll  be bringing to the upcoming Christmas parties...the girls helped me cook tonight! ;-)

She was really getting mad about something here lol

And earlier today during nap time Raya helped  Daddy outside---they couldn't build  a snowman because I guess this particular snow is too icy to make a snowman...but  Daddy did bury Raya!

Lastly  in Elf news,  Twinkle  abruptly left  our house yesterday  afternoon when Raya  was being naughty. I told her Twinkle must have gone to the North Pole for an emergency meeting with Santa to discuss the fate of her Christmas gifts. Well  Raya  made "i'm sorry" notes and hung them---along with candy bribes--on  the fridge to entice  Twinkle  back lol. Around lunch time today, while Raya was playing downstairs very nicely, Twinkle  returned---and she's  smiling so Raya decided she's probably still  getting her "bake  oven and pink  kitchen" :-P

Is it just  me, or is that creepy elf checking out my husband?! hehe

Tomorrow is brunch at my parents' house, presents  with my immediate family, and then dinner and party with my dad's extended family at night! Then Christmas Eve we have a relaxing day to prepare for Santa's big arrival and a super fun Christmas morning! Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Raya looks like she was having fun in the snow. Have a great Christmas

  2. Totally checkin' out Lee. I would be doing something about that! :)

    Have a great Christmas!

  3. Twinkle is totally checking your hubby out! haha! That's funny! I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas! Can't wait to see your pics!

  4. Merry Christmas! Looks like you have some awesome helpers! :)


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