Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tired Tuesday

I had Sawyer and  Harper today---Brielle refused to take a nap (She'd been doing perfectly up until  today, when during nap time she continuously  got out of bed to play in her room---I finally just let her play and got her out of her room when nap time was over ---she  never  did fall asleep in there!).

I'm also still plugging away at Etsy orders....and trying to get my Christmas shopping finished up (the girls are long done, but  still  have others to shop for).

I also am waaaay behind on things like laundry and cleaning the house. And since  Lee's mom is coming to stay this weekend I should probably do that---or at least make the guest room habitable ;-)

And I'm TIRED....the type of tired that comes from sewing until 11-12pm each night and then waking up at 5:30/6am (the girls are back  to waking up early again---oh joy!).

So for all of those reasons today I'm going to share a few random pics and then call it a night! Sorry for the boring  post :-)

First, here is a picture  I snapped of the girls a couple nights ago when I went to check and make sure they were asleep. Raya  now gets in Brielle's bed at night *and* in the morning---they love eachother and just can't  stay away I guess LOL

Mama had to put a stop to the cuteness this  night though, because I kept hearing Raya stirring as she tried to get comfy because Miss Brielle is a bed hog!!

Right before I snapped this  picture (and the flash made Raya pop up!) Raya was actually using Brielle as a pillow ---it was so funny! I ended up moving Raya back to her bed though so that Brielle could have  her space :-P

And lastly, just some pics of the  girls in festive holiday wear the last  couple days---enjoy!

Raya wearing a Hanna  Andersson playdress  set. I'd never pay full  price  for one of these (seriously crazy expensive!) but  I found a great deal on this used and thought we'd see what all  the fuss  was about haha. It's a little big, but should fit next  year too.

Man, this was my only  "fail" from buying ahead last year. I love buying Xmas stuff when it goes super cheap after Christmas, and this Crazy 8 dress I think I only  paid $3 for....but I got a 2T and it's so big LOL. Maybe it'll fit  next  year too! She still rocked  it though---check out the model  pose ;-)

This  one I loooove. Gymboree.

Raya  is wearing a Gymboree shirt  I bought at the outlet last year after Christmas....and I had  found this Mini Boden skirt at consignment and bought it (Because it was $1!! And  mini boden is really pricey to buy retail) but I had absolutely nothing to match it! So I was  pumped  when I discovered this top matched :-)


  1. Those girls really need some clothes for xmas!!!!!(not)Hopefully Brielle will go back to taking naps, maybe all the kids there got her out of routine. I can take the girls all day thursday so hopefully that will help you a little!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  2. Yes, I agree with Grama F; these two girls have the best outfits!

    I was tired yesterday too and made the mistake of taking a two hour afternoon nap... yikes! Then, I couldn't sleep last night, of course, so I am tired this morning. Ugh.

  3. Doing a little blog hopping this morning (my little one is napping - YAY!) and had to stop by. Those are some darling little ladies!
    Feel your pain on waking early. My little man thinks 3:30 and 4:00 have been acceptable wake-up times the past two mornings. *sigh*
    Started following. Would love for you to swing by and follow back!


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