Thursday, December 20, 2012

White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the tree tops glisten
And children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow...

This  morning's view off our back  deck!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all
Your Christmases be white

When Raya woke up and saw Lee plowing  the snow off our driveway this morning she said "Daddy doesn't know it's snowing---he's  mowing the grass!" assured the fact that we had 5+ inches of snow and blizzard conditions did not escape him ;-)

Normally we get our first snow of the winter as more of a "dusting"...but this year our first snow came as a full out BLIZZARD! Pretty much every school in the state is cancelled I think haha. Some places they are predicting will get 12-15inches by the time it's said and done. I think we're in more of the 6-8inch range. But the winds are up to 50 mph so definitely blowing snow out there!

But man am I happy we got our white Christmas---it's just not  Christmas without snow! The girls are very excited to go sledding and build a snowman but I'm not letting them today---just too windy and bitterly cold out there right now--maybe tomorrow!

This morning the girls discovered that Twinkle the elf was also excited  about our first snow!

Here  is  a better look  at what  Twinkle  wrote ;-)  (And yes, "Twinkle" has horrible handwriting lol)
Here's a look at what  Twinkle  was up to the previous day---I have been remembering to take pics about every 5th day of Twinkle haha...hopefully I'll  do better next year!

Twinkle led a parade!

Some random pics of the girls  this morning....

Running away from me so I won't  take her  paci!

Got your paci!

Mama, how could you?!
Since I won't let  them  play  outside I decided  to distract them with bubbles instead today

She was telling me about the bubbles popping on her  head lol

Trying to catch bubbles on her tongue!
I also distracted them today with Lalaloopsy girls---we've built up quite a nice collection!

Today we tried to match  up each girl with her accessories to see how many  we've lost in the last 6 months lol. We're doing pretty good considering how tiny these things are! Only lost one glass of lemonade and a soup laddle that I'm aware of ;-)
Lastly, I distracted the girls from their  inability to play outside by giving them icecream after lunch!

And to end this random update today, some pics  from the other day when Brielle wore pigtails!

Of course the best picture I could get of the pigtails was during a tantrum lol

It's a hard knock life ;-)
Now time to cozy up with a hot chocolate and enjoy all  this snow from the comfort of my toasy warm home!


  1. Wisconsin is pretty much shut down too. I wanted to take Kyla out, but I agree, way too cold and windy today. I pulled her around the house in the sled and she had a blast, haha. I'm happy we're having a white Christmas too :)

    PS - my Gymboree order came today with Tyler home (of course) so I haven't opened it yet. But I can't wait to see those giraffe boots!

    1. hehe...I hope everything with this order works out for you! Take the package into the bathroom and hide lol ;-)

  2. How fun. We don't have white Christmases here in CA. Cute pictures

  3. I'm super jealous of your snow, but right now I'm enjoying 70 degree weather before heading back to VA for Christmas!

  4. Yep Des Moines got about 12 or 13 inches! Yay for snow days! I got Carly out in the snow for about ten min bc it was too cold but lidia had nothing to do with it! Yay for a white Christmas! Drive safe!

  5. Yep Des Moines got about 12 or 13 inches! Yay for snow days! I got Carly out in the snow for about ten min bc it was too cold but lidia had nothing to do with it! Yay for a white Christmas! Drive safe!

  6. We head back to Iowa soon, and I admit, I'm a little bit excited for a white Christmas... So long as the snow doesn't effect our travel plans!

  7. Look at the snow!!!! That's about what my parents got yesterday and we only got a dusting. We only live an hour from them too! I love the picture of their Elf on the window!! haha Too cute! And Brielle with pigtails....ADORABLE!! =)

  8. I love the girls looking up at Elf!!!! Brielle looks soooo cute in her pigtails and tantrum!!!!!
    Grama F


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