Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Sister

Raya's latest thing is that she  always tells me "I'm a good  big  sister!"  ...and then she goes about trying to prove that throughout the day haha.

Some of the tasks she likes to do include:

Washing Brielle after meals (the bathroom is usually quite wet and soapy afterwards!)
Putting on Brielle's shoes
Going to get Brielle when she wakes up from naps
Combing Brielle's  hair
Brushing Brielle's teeth (now that  they have  electric toothbrushes this has become quite entertaining!)
Smelling Brielle's butt to see if she's poopy (I can smell  her  a mile away, but Raya insists and smooshing her nose right there LOL)
Holding Brielle's hand  in public
Making Brielle's  bed in the  morning
Washing Brielle in the bathtub

....and the list goes on!

One of the most recent things she's added is that  she likes to pick out Brielle's clothes (seriously kid, soon I won't  have anyone left to dress anymore!)  Since we weren't doing anything too exciting yesterday I let she dressed herself *and* Brielle. And then of course they wanted to take pictures.

So now I present to you Raya, the fashion stylist and best big  sister ever ;-)

And when you know you look good you just gotta OWN IT! Check  out those poses haha

And of course after  the photoshoot the good big sister had to  physically  carry Brielle to the next location of her  choosing hehe. Poor Brielle doesn't get to walk much lately because  the  good big sister likes to make sure  she's getting where she needs to be!

Luckily  Brielle usually humors her  and  just holds on for the ride!

Now today we have preschool and then we're going with Grandma F, Sawyer, and Harper to the Playstation! (Big  place full of tunnels and slides and ball pits and climbing things). Should be a fun (yet exhausting) day !!


  1. Cute and cute update to the blog!!

  2. She does have good taste in clothes. My 4 year old loves picking out her baby sisters clothes.

  3. I love the new look of the blog! Adorable!

    Lidia does the same thing with Carly... "Im the BEST big sister!" but girlfriend you have it made with her helping so much! Lidia just SAYS shes a good big sister, doesnt really act like it :)

  4. At least raya picked out something that matched. I love the new look. Have fun at the playstation

  5. Aww, so sweet Raya! Have fun today!

  6. Super adorable! =)

    And....your new layout...LOVE IT!!!

  7. Love the new page,except don't let Raya know that no boys are allowed!!!!!! Her beloved Sawyer is always allowed! Raya is such a good sister, she truly loves to help my pretty pretty Brielle!!!
    Grama F

    1. She doesn't think Sawyer is a boy lol. She always tells me that she doesn't play with boys at preschool, but Sawyer isn't a boy--he's her cousin :-P

  8. What a sweet big sis! R will do this W every so often, however, she shares her clothes with W, which are just too big, but W wears them proudly! :)


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