Friday, January 4, 2013

Brielle's Birthday Sneak Peek

Don't  have anything to blog about tonight (well as my post last night said, I was having trouble with blogger, so last night's post  got moved to this morning!), so how about a sneak peek  at Brielle's birthday decorations? :-) Her party is next Sunday---the countdown is on! It's  just  a small party, like we usually do, but  I still have fun planning and doing a theme, even if it's mostly just for my enjoyment haha.

Here was her birthday invite!

Here is her adorable birthday crown! From This Etsy seller  ...Brielle  loves it and Raya and her fought over it when it arrived lol. I already had to promise to get Raya one for her birthday :-P

Her birthday shirt is on the way... But I ordered from a fellow blogger! Her facebook page is Dear Baby Boutique   (You may remember that the shirt  I wanted had too much wording for me to applique, so I had to order from someone with an embroidery machine.) Her blog is here , if you aren't already a follower.
Then I found these zebra pants on super clearance for her to wear with her shirt....and I also made her a tutu to wear over top!

For the  cake I  am making a round cake and will  put it on a cake stand with a tutu around it (I still have to make this second tutu)

Like  this, only  in pink, black, white, and aqua:

Then my sister-in-law Emily's sister is really good at cake decorating. So she's making me a cake topper, kinda similiar to this---and possible additional zebra stripes to put on the side of the cake (obviously a 2 and  not a 16!)
And  I have zebra candles of course!
And these plates! (And  the  matching napkins)

I also  have  a few other odds and  ends  like  table clothes and such.....we're ready! Can't wait  for the big day!


  1. Love the theme!! Can't wait to see pics from her party.

  2. Super cute. Love her invite. Can't wait to see pictures

    1. Thanks! I should have given credit to Etsy seller "Squiggles Designs" for her invitation....she was great to work with! :-)


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