Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bullet points

1) The  girls were at my mom's today so I have nothing  to really  blog  about. However, after thinking  of skipping tonight I had delusional ideas that  "loyal  fans" would miss me and therefore I've come up with  this pretty pointless post :-)

2) Can someone fill me in on Grey's Anatomy please?! Our local channel  that carries it had a fight with  Dish Network, so we haven't gotten this channel in weeks, and now tonight it's finally on again and I'm lost! I think the last episode I had seen was when Christina told her  husband that she didn't  want to get a divorce because  she still loved him yada yada. What's happened since then!?

3) In case you haven't heard, I believe Old Navy is having their baby/kids sale starting Feb. 7th (around there anyways)....after posting recently  all my adorable Old Navy finds I thought I would let you know! Some of the dresses are supposed to beb at $10 price points---yay. Mark  your calendars :-)

4) I'm watching baby Finn tomorrow---maybe I'll have some cute pics to share! I  watched  him a couple  weeks  ago too but  I think I forgot to share pics---here  are a couple--he's  getting so big! (For my  newer blog readers, Finn is the  cousin (other side of the family) of my niece Harper and nephew Sawyer. I was watching  Finn a couple days a week this past spring/summer....but  now I'm just "on call" since  they  found a daycare.)

5) Horribly  crappy picture (the shirt  is  light pink and the chevron fabric is really  pretty pinks/browns/aquas) but here is a quick outfit I made  Raya the other  night after my new  sewing machine was delivered! My old one was going to cost at least $145 to fix they  said, and I could buy this brand new one (same type) for $157 and free shipping---so obviously I decided to just  get a new one! I wanted to test it out and make sure it  worked fine, so I tried making a bib shirt and skirt set real quick.

***I  plan to reopen my Etsy shop next week---stay tuned!***

The ruffle  on the bib applique looks  dented in that  one spot, but it  isn't really--just got smooshed weird in the pic. I  won't  be  selling  these though in my shop because I despise making skirts lol. I'm going to stop selling skirts I think (I will  keep selling tutus though!)....but since I don't like making the fabric skirts I think  I'll only make them  for myself and friends haha. Too much hassle for me! I'm definitely an applique girl :-)

6) It's FREEZING cold  here. We're  talking  -30 below zero with  windchill. It  makes  me sad because I've  gotten a couple spring/summer outfits  for the girls  online recently and as I was hanging them up today I kept thinking about how perfect they will be to photograph outside this summer, which then made me depressed that  it will be about 4 more months before that can happen :-(

7) I have  nothing to eat in this  house. No milk, no bread, no cereal, no fruit, no yogurt....nothing. Before  you call  DHS rest assured my girls are happy to eat waffles and chicken nuggets tomorrow lol...but I'm regretting my decision right about now to not go to the grocery store today! It was just so cold outside I couldn't bring myself to do it :-P

8) This past weekend I went to Maurices (anyone shop there? I love  that  place) and found two  adorable sweaters on sale for $4.95 each. I NEVER find good  stuff in my size on sale there. Score!

9) I  hate American Idol this  year---the judges  are absolutely awful! Anyone agree?

10) Sorry for the last few random bullet points---I wanted to get to 10 because it's a nice even number :-)

Happy Thursday!!  And don't forget to comment and fill  me in on Greys Anatomy!


  1. I love Maurices :) one of my fave places to shop! & Im totally with you on American fact I stopped a couple years ago. Each year I watch the first episode then remember why I stopped watching haha!

    & sorry..I don't watch greys either :/ I'm no help haha

    1. I know, I feel like Maurices is one of the few places left where I can buy "cool" clothes without looking like a 18 year old hooker :-P

  2. So here are my bullet points for you =)
    1) I bet the girls had a good time with your Mom =)
    2) I have never ever watched Greys Anatomy so I can't fill you in...haha =)
    3) I cannot wait for the Old Navy Sale!!! I kind of have an obsession with ordering clothes :/
    4) The pictures of Finn are adorable! Anxious to hear about your day tomorrow with all of the kids!
    5) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bib shirt you made and the skirt is adorable too! I think you should sell the skirts too! =)
    6) It has been freezing cold here too, with negative temps as well. However today, we had a huge windstorm with trees down and no power...and the temps were 50 degrees. It was crazy!
    7) We have no food in our house either. Poor Emma asked for cereal for breakfast this morning, and she was served it dry. No milk. Definitely time for grocery shopping!
    8) We JUST got a Maurices in our mall! I'm really anxious to check it out!
    9) I as well dislike American Idol this year. I'm sooo glad that they came out with a better show The Voice...even though it's not on right now
    10) And your bullet point post was a good idea! =)

    Have a good night =)

    1. haha...I love your bullet points!

      ....I have no idea what you are talking about with this "obsession ordering clothes" ...i cannot relate :-P

  3. Whaaaaat? Sale at Old Navy? You're seriously going to have to explain this to my husband.
    I miss Maurice's! Haven't seen one of those in years.
    You are so talented! Do you make boys clothes too?

    1. hehe---yes, you may need to order online and hide the old navy box when it arrives ;-)

      I do make boy clothes! Well, applique shirts for boys anyways. Tie shirts and such. I will be sure to post a link to my shop when it's all up and running again!

  4. I am sure you are busy with the girls, but you can watch the episodes of Greys you have missed on (I would update you, but I don't watch)

    1. Well, between our computer and our internet (we live in the country and so it's not as fast) we have a really hard time watching/streaming shows on our computers unfortunately---it always freezes up! :-(

      I'm frankly quite shocked and horrified that so many of my readers don't watch this show! LOL :-)


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