Friday, January 18, 2013

Catch up with these cuties :-)

Well, since  I basically  spent  all  week playing catch up on blog  posts from when cousin Ryan was here, we are now behind on what  the girls have  been up too! Here's an update :-P

First, we are all  healthy again! I spend  Monday and Tuesday feeling pretty "blah" still  but by Wednesday I was eating icecream, which is the sure  sign that things are good again and all  is  right with the world haha. We didn't  really go anywhere fun this  week (until  today when  we ran errands) because we had lots of cleaning/laundry/etc. to catch up on, so the  girls just played (and  watched tv, I  will admit!) but now we are settling back into our routine.

Today we ran to town and dropped the rest of my maternity items off at consignment, along with some spring/summer  baby clothes...and I picked up my recent check  from there (over  $200 ...yay!) so that was a pleasant surprise. I also met a couple people who were buying more spring/summer  baby  clothes, as I officially have every outgrown baby  item now  either  sold or listed for sale--whew! After this spring season it will be nice to only  deal  with selling one size of outgrown clothes from Brielle each time. I  also  had 5-6 women somewhat  fighting over the party decor I had  listed  for sale (did you know  people on facebook  will  buy your party decor after you are done?!)

Then tomorrow night Lee  is taking me  out to dinner for my  birthday...I'm  31 on Sunday! I'm old, yes :-P

Ok, now why you're  really here---some pics--enjoy!

Raya's  new  thing is she wants  to dress "fancy". I  blame t he Fancy Nancy books she  loves  so much  haha. The other  day she  found this  Naartjie outfit (highly weather inappropriate  and too big  since it's for summer!) but  she decided it was fancy and just what  she wanted  to wear lol. I  really love the socks---one fancy lace sock  and then one Dora  sock  to keep it  real ;-)

Don't forget the fancy headband she  picked!
Raya decorated one  of Brielle's  birthday present boxes and made a boat---which she watched tv in

Random pics---Brielle is  finally starting to grow into her owl jeans---of course the waist is  adjusted as small as possible  on both  sides and she walks on the legs, but  we'll take  it lol

More random pics---they  love having their picture  taken!

Brielle has moved on from her  giraffe boots, and now insists on wearing her  snow boots!

Raya brought home the  preschool  monkey, Ooh ooh Aah Aah, this week. It's his third trip to our house and the first time that  Raya has  liked  him! She must be catching on from the other  kids  that you're  supposed to actually like him and take him out of the bag while he's at your house. The shirt  we made him last  time was looking  mighty rough/dirty so we found something new for him---a hat  and  pant set! Hopefully the kids keep this  a little cleaner than the last outfit :-P

Raya  even insisted on sleeping with the monkey  (ewwww, germs! Oh well)

Brielle didn't  want to be left out of the pictures  she  is "Sleeping" with her own monkey!

And  now today---being goofy!

Showing  off  their  cute  outfits for  running errands

These fashion shows are very heated  is Raya refusing to  share the  spotlight and continually moving to block  Brielle from the photo! haha...these  girls--watch out teenage years!

Brielle  eventually broke free for a quick  photo!

Hope everyone  has  a great  weekend!


  1. Happy early birthday. I forgot that our birthdays are close, mine is e 30th. I love rayas cream and brown outfit so cute.

  2. Happy Early Birthday =)

    I love all the pictures. And the pictures of Raya with the fringed shirt...she looks soooo old! But so adorable =)

  3. love all the cute out fits :) fancy fits Raya very well. happy early birthday

  4. The pic of Raya blocking Brielle is sooo funny, someday that pic will come back to haunt her!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Your girls are such fashionistas!


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