Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cousin Ryan, day 1

**I  posted a cliff notes  version of cousin Ryan's trip/ Brielle's  birthday yesterday, so be sure to check  it out if you haven't already!

Since we don't get to see Ryan more than about 3 times a year I want to be sure to include plenty of pics from his visit on this blog so that he is fully  represented when I print the blog  books for the girls! We can't go letting Sawyer and Harper think they are the favorites just because we see them more ;-P

So here are a bunch of pictures from day one of cousin Ryan's (and Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn) visit!

Ryan is  such a laid back  and happy boy! I hope he has some terrible  toddler moments soon, or he will  definitely make my girls look very bad lol ;-)

Look  at Brielle's evil little grin!

The  girls  introduced Ryan to his  first ever grilled cheese sandwhich---he was a fan!

Playing Brielle's favorite monster  game

Crazy cousins!

Ryan helped the girls destroy their playroom hehe

You can see  that Brielle and Ryan do *not* look one year apart in age! haha. I think they are about the same height---it's hard to tell  since Ryan isn't  walking--- but  Ryan definitely feels like a solid  dude compared to Brielle! He will fulfill his role as the manly cousin well I think ;-)

Road  rage!

Ryan loves balls, so he obviously  loved our big  basket full of them!

Ryan was not a fan of our cousin photoshoot attempts

Bath time!

Ending day one together all  fresh  and clean :-) 
Stay tuned  tomorrow  to see how last Friday went---Brielle's actual birthday and our trip to the Children's museum!


  1. He has gotten so big. Looks like the girls had a good time with him

  2. Looks like they all had a good time! Adorable pictures! =)

  3. Cousin play dates are so much fun.
    And, where did you get all those balls? My little guy is obsessed with balls right now. He would FLIP if we had a whole basket full of them.

    1. I think it was just a bag full of them I ordered off amazon maybe? They are the type that people buy to put in their little inflatable ball pits. We don't have an actual ball pit, but they love rolling around in them and making a mess! ;-)

  4. Ryan is soooo cute, and such a great personality, wish they all lived closer!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  5. Ryan loved you, too, Grama F! Even though he liked to keep it on the down low.


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