Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cousin Ryan, day 2-- Brielle's birthday

So the second day cousin  Ryan  was here was  Brielle's actual birthday! We  went to the Children's  Museum--Ryan's first time to one! Lunch at Panera, home for naps, Raya's ballet class, birthday  dinner, then celebrated the H family Christmas with Lee's parents. Here are pics  of our fun!

Birthday girl! This facial expression makes  me laugh haha

Brielle's new  thing---she pretends to be asleep when you try to take her picture!!

At the Children's shopping!

Ryan was picking  on Brielle LOL

How our cousin photo attempts tended  to go :-P

Ryan wasn't happy to play  tutus with t he girls!

"How embarassing"

Wore out!

Ballet class! Normally we can't watch, but  I asked if  Lee's  mom and Aunt  Megan could watch since  they are from out of state and can't  come to other viewing days.

With the little  ballerina!

I'm having a fun birthday!

Birthday  Dinner (The girls had to sit  at a kiddie  table because  we ran out of seats lol)

Yes, Lee was trying to look like a psycho guy with a lighter haha

Make a wish!

This makes me laugh because I  let Brielle open up a couple small gifts after dinner. A dora electric toothbrush and a dora and boots  doll. Well  I  also  bought Raya a mermaid electric  toothbrush, and this was her  reaction when she opened it LOL....she was so excited!

Brielle loved her Dora and Boots dolls

Trying out the new toothbrushes!

After dinner  we opened up Christmas  presents

I was  starting to feel pretty sick  by this  time lol

Ryan, Megan, and Shawn got  the girls this fun marble run game

And so  ended our fun Friday---  tomorrow  I'll  combine sick  Saturday (when I stayed in bed  all  day lol) and Sunday's birthday party--- stay tuned! :-)


  1. WOW! What a fun day!!! Happy Birthday Brielle!! =D

  2. That children's museum looks AWESOME! Is it in DM?

  3. What a fun day. We went to the childrens museum for the first time last weekend and the girls had a blast. Looks like Brielle had a great birthday

  4. You look great in that 2nd picture... not at all like someone who's about to be sick!!

    Happy belated Birthday, Brielle!

    1. Haha...yeah, that was before I knew what was coming---luckily I felt great all day at the museum!

  5. Happy Birthday Brielle! I forgot her and Drew were born so closely! And your children's museum looks AH-MAZING!

  6. It looks like you guys had a great day!!! And I agree, you look great in the photos! And your mouth looks much better too =)

  7. What wonderful pics of the cousins having fun!!! I wish Ryan lived closer!!!!!
    Grama F


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