Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cousin Ryan, day 3 & 4 ---sick day and birthday!

Ok, so now we  are  up to Saturday----the day I  spent in bed sick....ugh :-(  Lee did great continuing to get everything ready for the  party, and Shawn, Megan, and RuthAnn were  great helpers and also kept the  girls entertained. Don't think the party would have happened on Sunday  if everyone hadn't  been such a great help!

Here are some pics that Megan took  on Saturday so that  I  could look  back  and see what  had taken place :-P

The damn lollipop drum that  caused my  lip injury :-P

Ryan learning how to "pound" fists

Milk does a body good!

Once again, Brielle pretending to be asleep because Megan tried to take  a picture haha

Megan said Raya did well  with Ryan, but  did get annoyed that he kept touching and messing up her  stuff lol.

Party prep!

.....and  now we are  onto  Sunday---party day! Sunday  morning I  still wasn't feeling  like eating or anything, but  I  felt good enough to help do last minute decorating, and by the time our guests arrived  for lunch I was feeling pretty decent. Yay!

Zebra balloons!

Checking  out her  cake while still  in her  pjs---excited bday girl!
Dressed and ready to party! Like  I  mentioned in previous  posts, the crown is  from Etsy and the shirt is  from Dear Baby Boutique on facebook---she's a fellow blogger ;-) I love  the shirt! I  plan to have her  wear the outfit (without the crown and tutu) even after  her birthday.

Dancing! Brielle was really  into  her birthday  photoshoot. I love all  the pics I  got of her  that  morning :-)
Raya picked her own outfit out---well, she actually  had purple leggings  with it  first, but  I did make her  change  those  to pink  haha. She struggled this day because she didn't  like Brielle getting all the  attention.  I  tried a sister photoshoot but Raya kept standing in front of Brielle to block her  from the camera lol.
Don't  worry Raya, it'll be your birthday  soon enough! She's already planned her  May birthday lol.  She says  it's a ballerina party and we will all  dance  to Christmas music. Sounds fun! ;-)
We actually ate out in our heated  garage. It's hard to "pretty" a garage, but  I had lanterns hanging from the ceiling---hot pink,  aqua, and zebra print! Then we had hot pink tablecloths and  zebra print confetti down  the tables.

Inside we did the presents and cake inside at the dining room table  I  had this  display....the  "tablecloth" is actual fabric that  people use  to make reuseable  grocery was only  $2 a yard at the fabric store and I didn't even have  to cut for about $4 I had this tablecloth that fit  perfectly! The  zebra plates (and I had napkins too) and zebra candles were from Target. I  made the tutu for around  the cake stand. And then the topper was made by my sister-in-law Emily's sister---sooooo  cute!

Megan took  this pic---waiting for the  party to start!
I had  this fabric  already and thought it  would make a fun photo backdrop. If I had actually planned this though I would have gotten a bigger peice of fabric. This was only 1 yard and  I had a hard time squeezing everyone in front of it!

Grandpa H.  didn't make it to the party until the very end because their basement  had  flooded suddenly.

And Aunt  Emily was sick---but my brother made it!

Raya wanted  in a picture haha. This  pic  is  great because my brother is a little  crazy, and Sawyer is just  like him LOL ;-)

Brielle  wasn't really  feeling these constant pics  haha

My grandparents---my mom's mom and dad

We tried a cousin pic---it went as expected :-P

Brielle never  stops eating haha...she  was  the only  one  who really  ate her lunch!
Time for presents!

Harper likes Uncle Lee

Sawyer made Brielle a gift ---it  was a tiny square of paper that  her wrote on and then wrapped up lol. Brielle was super excited ;-)

Barbie  fishing pole!

Potty stool!

Dora potty book

In the red  is John and Em's  foreign exchange  student

I eventually found the present I had lost  lol...this Dora and  Boots nightgown

And tshirt!

Barbie car

This was mom got Brielle Dora underwear...she said  "No, Raya's" LOL

Ryan's  just chilllin'

I love Raya blowing from a distance lol
Eating cake! (We actually ate cupcakes and let  the pretty  cake sit  there :-)

Playing---Notice Brielle going down the slide, with her  purse lol...she  loves to be girlie!
Dressing up like a pirate  princess

We passed around the  sleepy birthday  girl!

I  eventually laid her  down---she  was out!

So was Raya lol
Lee with  his dad and brother

The H family  men :-P
Cute  pics I  took of a cute  family!

To end,  one  random pic I  took of Ryan learning to love Dora ;-)
Whew! All caught up on our fun weekend! Back to regularly scheduled blogging now :-)


  1. It looks like you guys had a good weekend...minus the being sick part. But glad you are feeling better! I love all the pictures! =) And Brielle's outfit and cake...ADORABLE!!!

  2. All the pics are great , fun time had by all considering!!!1
    Grama F

  3. You had a house full and were busy!
    I hope you're back to feeling 100%.

  4. I'm going to keep this theme in mind for Kyla's 3rd birthday. Everything was SO cute!


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