Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just  a quick  post today, because I'm trying to get ready for our out of town guests coming early tomorrow morning! Lee's brother and his wife and son are coming to stay with us! More on that in a second....

But first, some random pics  of the girls with their other cousins (my brother's kids) from yesterday!

Everyone needed to take  babies on the drive to preschool yesterday morning lol.

Harper got a new coat for Christmas---I think it's funny that  every year so far we randomly end up with the same coats! hehe. Clearly Target has a monopoly on the coat  market around this area :-P

Raya was roaring because  I told them they all looked like  lions haha.

Here was Raya and Sawyer hanging out doing their  quiet time....I don't  know what  they discuss downstairs during this time, but they look forward to it  every day so I'm sure  they are plotting something! ;-)

And now, onto  our third and  final cousin---"baby" Ryan! Raya calls him baby Ryan, but she may be surprised when he shows up because I think he might be bigger than Brielle now---and nearly walking! The last time the girls saw Ryan was this past summer, when we all met at Lee's parents' farm. We saw Ryan one time after that but we didn't have the girls with us.

Here are a couple pics of the last time the cousins were together...

We will certainly  be trying to get some new cousin pics this visit!

Check out what  a little  stud Ryan has turned into

They will be staying through Brielle's birthday party on Sunday, so I will be MIA from the blog world for awhile most likely, but  will be  back  with tons of pictures to share!!!


  1. Love the matching jackets. Have a great visit.

  2. Super cute pics!! Enjoy your company!!! =)

  3. So fun :) cousins are the very best! Raya looks so young to me in the pictures from last grow way to fast

  4. I always love the cousin pics!!!!!! Hope they all stay close!!!
    Grama F

  5. How fun to have family coming!

  6. Kyla has the pink jacket from Target. My mom thought she needed a new one and not just the hand me down from Gianna, haha.

    Have a great birthday weekend! Can't wait to see that terrible two's party :)

    Thanks for the idea for the kitchen set! I'm so excited for her to open it!

  7. They are all so cute together!!

    I wish Savanna had cousins. We have four siblings between us, but the way things are looking, it's going to be awhile! She's going to be the older babysitter cousin, ha.


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