Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dress-up central

Today we transformed the playroom closet into dress-up central! The remainder of the afternoon the girls shut themselves inside the closet to fancify themselves, and then burst through the doors to surprise me with their beauty ;-)

Silly me, I thought  *20* hooks would be enough, but  between all  of  Grandma F's used  halloween costume finds, and my old dance  costumes, etc. we have  already more than filled  those 20 hooks! lol. We are using some thirty-one totes for the overflow :-P We hung the hooks at Raya's height so that they can pick up after  themselves---hoping this helps keep the dressup more organized and more fun to play with because we can see everything! At one time I had thought about purchasing a store bought dress-up stand, but those things are all so tiny---they wouldn't  have held a fraction of our stuff. This works out great!


  1. This looks great! Don't you just love when you introduce something new to the kids and then they spend forever playing with it? Ahh... peace! ;)

    I need to figure out something with our dress-up clothes. In our last house, Joe had made a beautiful closet and installed a fantastic closet organizer. I don't want to do anything now because we will be buying again when we get settled. So, for now they are supposed to be in my Thirty-One bags but have overflown and are just all over the closet floor.

  2. Great idea! Right now ours are in a cardboard dress up box that is falling apart, with dresses spewing out the top. Need a better way to organize them! May just have to steal your idea. :)

  3. Great idea!!!! The girls can do it all them selves!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. That's a great idea. Wow they have a lot of dress up stuff. So fun


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