Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fancy/Flower/Bow and Star

On Friday I met two different people selling outgrown clothes from the girls.  It was nice because one drop off  was for a friend  from grad school who bought Brielle's entire 18-24 month spring/summer wardrobe-- wish I could find someone with an awesome closet to buy from for Raya! LOL. But anyways, after all my sales Friday I was feeling quite rich and so I decided to  spoil my girlies a little...

So we went to toys-r-us and I let  them pick  out new dolls! Let me make this very clear though--they are NOT "baby" dolls. Raya gets very upset if I forget and say something about her "baby"...because these are "big girls" and they are the big sisters for the babies at our house (following me? haha).

Raya picked out a big  girl with a ponytail and pink dress....Brielle picked out a big girl with long  hair and a star outfit.

Then the  naming saga began.

Raya first  named hers Fancy....which I thought was cute. She's really into Fancy Nancy books right now. After I really grew to like Fancy, Raya changed it up and named her Flower. Then shortly after  switched to Bow. Finally deciding that Flower-Bow was her official name. :-)

Brielle simply named  hers Star. Thank God.

Flower-Bow and Star ate lunch with us at Panera (each had  her own seat of course!) and then Flower-Bow came with us to Walmart as well (Poor Star had to be left in the car after Brielle chucked  her to the ground in the parking lot while having a tantrum about something pointless --Star is not to happy about  being  owned by a moody 2 year old :-)

Since Friday Flower-Bow has pretty much gone everywhere  with us. Poor Star hasn't been able to overtake Brielle's  monkey in status, so she is  not as well traveled!

While Brielle took her afternoon nap on Friday Raya hung out  with the big girls...Star was happy to be  better  taken care of for awhile!


  1. Ah, I love baby dolls :) One of my daycare girls had me swaddle one of her babies, and I said I'd do it like a burrito, so she went around and called her "Baby Burrito" for the rest of the day! :)

  2. I can just here Raya telling you that these are not babies but big sisters!!!!!!!
    Grama F


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