Friday, January 4, 2013

Fashion Friday

We haven't done a real Fashion Friday in awhile, so here  ya go!

Raya was rocking her Mini Boden applique  shirt---and while I was trying to find bottoms this morning Raya choose these Old Navy pop-color skinny jeans....they were a good match surprisingly.

We tried a new location for our modeling the playroom on the "window seat"....Raya must  have felt pretty cool because she was showing me her best poses lol

She insisted on the pink  hair  pretty, and she did not care at all how many times I told her there was no pink in her outfit :-P

Supermodel glare! ;-)

Then Brielle joined  her....wearing Gap, Boho line. I can't ever have enough embroidered Gap jeans!

Brielle was not at all  interested in holding Raya's hand!
Matching supermodel poses! haha

Oh yeah, these girls are definitely taking the modeling world by storm!

Lastly, tonight after bath Raya picked out pjs for her and sissy, then informed me that I needed to take a picture of them "matching"---that's my girl for sure! haha

And so I obliged!

I have no idea why Raya has started with the weird overbite  looking smile--- maybe it's a high fashion modeling trend I'm unaware of :-P

Happy Friday everyone! (And so far I'm still stomach flu free----fingers crossed!)


  1. I just saw your pic. on FB and thought to myself, surprise surprise, those girls look cute as always! ;)

  2. Seriously they are just too cute. I love their outfits =)

  3. Oh my gosh, I know I've said this before, but your girls are too stinking cute! :)

  4. Cute outfits. I love the matching jammies. All 3 girls wore monkey jammies last night it was cute

  5. LOL! She's got that super model glare down! & I loooove Brielle's owl shirt!


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