Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guess Whooooo?!

Guess Whooooooooooo's having a sleepover with her favorite person tonight?!

Yep, Miss Raya! She's at cousin Sawyer's house tonight! She gets to chill  with two boys actually, because Sawyer's other cousin is over there too---she better not get too used to sleepovers with boys though---this is an exception! ;-)

And of course the "Hoo Hoo pillow" got to go along as well!
Wanna know who *wasn't* all  smiles over this sleepover?

...Miss Brielle, who doesn't  take kindly to being left  out! haha
Poor thing gathered her gloves and boots and was all ready to go!
Other than sleepovers, we've been up to something else "super fun" too--- Miss Raya has been  cranking out tiny little treats in her Easy Bake Oven! I'm not sure how much longer this Mama can keep choking down these delicious teeny tiny treats :-P

She insisted on posing in the most unflattering way possible lol

Cute oufit right? Well I pulled this top out and suddenly Raya threw a HUGE  FIT about it, and declared that she no longer  wears anything that doesn't have an animal on it lol. Go figure! One look at her closet full of non-animal themed clothing though and I told her tough, she had to wear it! :-P
Brielle is always close by while Raya "cooks"....

And lastly, in case you think it looks like we are just having tons of fun over here....I'm actually on my death bed! Well, actually  I'm living in fear of my certain impending death....because Raya had the flu Christmas Eve and then Brielle got it while visiting Lee's parents. She gave it to Lee's mom.... we thought the rest of us had, by some miracle, escaped the sickness because plenty of time had passed....but then New Year's Day *Lee* had it! So now everyone in my family has had it and I just know it's going to get me. Every day I eat very little thinking I could be throwing it up later LOL. And at night I go to bed thinking it's the night, and then wake up in the moring shocked to have survived another day! hahaha :-P  So if I suddenly disappear from blog land for a couple days then you know it finally got to me!


  1. Ohhhh goshhhh the flu... it's spreading so bad this year, I swear. Working with kids, I got the flu shot and hope that it does it's job! Your baby girl seems so happy for the sleepover! Love her pillow! =)

    1. We all had our flu shots too! Unfortunately it doesnt protect against this stomach flu :-( I survived another night though---still alive! :-)

  2. I hope you can escape the flu! It's a bad case this year. I'm finally over the feeling sick to my stomach part of it and the vomitting, but now I have this horrid cough that won't go away! It's always something. I bet Raya is having a blast at her sleepover! =) And I love her owl pillow! Super cute!

  3. I hope you don't get the flu. Being sick is the worst. We are getting kaylee an easy bake oven for her birthday. How does raya like it?

    1. Raya loves it, but the oven itself is kind of a joke in my opinion lol. Whatever floats her boat I guess! ;-)

  4. Ugh, I really hope you can avoid getting sick! Bummer that everyone else got it!

    I was thinking about getting the girls the Easy Bake Oven. She loves it? I saw on the box that it said 8+ (not that I always agree with those) but I wondered if that would mean it would be more work for me! ;) I may have to reconsider and just get it; Raya looks like she is having a blast with it!

    1. She loves it, but I help her slide the tray in and out of the machine. I'd say you need to be older to do it completely by yourself, but I think R could definitely do it.

      However if they are old enough to cook normal food (and then you just help them put it in the kitchen oven) I would just do that---the easy bake oven does not make anything very tastey! My mom even made her own mixes for it, but everything has to be so tiny and flat to slide in and out that nothing, even homemade, tastes too good to me lol.


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