Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Yesterday I got together  with my good friends from high school---they  were  all a  bridesmaid of mine as well. We don't get together much because two of them now live in Texas (go figure!) but  everyone was back  for the holidays and it was nice to see everyone. Hopefully soon we'll  have them come flocking back to Iowa---surely they  miss the snow, right?! :-)

One husband was working, but here  is everyone else!  (Please note, Lee hates this  picture because  he looks short LOL. He  must  have been standing weird, because he's actually like half an inch taller than me. But I was teasing him he looked short  because  he finally  cut his hair ;-)

Both my girls were stinkin' naughty for  some reason at this party! Perhaps they were upset about all the boy cooties...even the baby-to-be is a boy! Oh well....maybe some day there will  be a love connection...the girls will have many options :-)

At one point Raya told me "I don't  want to play with anyone. I just want to play by myself....and with sissy. That's only  who I play  with. I only play with *nice* boys and girls"   ....ummm, excuse me?! They were all being 10 times nicer than you, ya little  stinker  butt! lol   ...I  think she was just nervous because she didn't really remember anyone and I think "nice" was referring to people she likes/knows/plays with a lot.....at least I  hope ;-)

And lastly, check out the self  styling Miss Brielle did for the party. She accessorized herself and no matter what  I suggested she *insisted* on pairing the giraffe boots with the leopard hat hahaha....fashion faux paux for sure!  Silly girl.

(Please excuse these pics...they  were all  taken with my point and shoot, which I'm still trying to get the hang of!)
Happy 2013 everyone! 


  1. Getting together with far-away friends is always the best.
    Brielle is quite the fashionista - haha! Too cute.

  2. Glad you guys had fun =) Check out Brielle! She's quite the stylish little girl! =)

  3. Such a great pic!!!!!Love Brielles hat!!!!
    Grama F


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