Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Today I am 31 years old! Yikes :-P

The girls gave me my presents on Friday night because they just couldn't wait. Lee let them shop for me all  by themselves---Raya  bought me some drinking glasses and Brielle got me a hat! LOL

Raya also decided I needed flowers---good idea ;-)

Brielle rocked the  hat a little better than I can I  think! She's definitely my accessory girl.

Saturday we did  a family day during the day, and then in the afternoon the girls went to my parents' for  a sleepover and Lee took me out for my birthday---Granite  City to eat, then shopping, then to see Breaking Dawn 2 (still playing at the cheap theatre and I hadn't  seen it yet!).

Then today  on my actual birthday  Lee watched the girls so that I could relax and get some tasks done around the house that  I wanted to get done.

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! I'm a very lucky girl.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!
    Glad you had a wonderful day! =D

  2. Happy Birthday! 31, oh so young!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! And 31 isn't old anymore...i'll be 31 in a couple of months =)

  4. Hahaha, love that hat Brielle picked out!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great way to spend it!

  6. Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend

  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  8. Happy birthday! Brielle is like my Willow... both love the accessories! :)

  9. Happy birthday!!!!We had a great sleep over!!!!!!(minus the sleep!!!!!!!!) Lee did a great job for your birthday!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  10. Happy belated Birthday!

    Sounds like a fabulous celebratinonn


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