Monday, January 14, 2013

Our long weekend--the cliff notes version

Hey everyone, I'm back! Well, kind of ....

As you know we had Lee's brother and family staying with us from Ohio since last Thursday morning...and then his parents were up on Friday and we had Brielle's birthday party on Sunday---whew! --- so we've been busy. Add to that a plentiful dose of illness (ugh, yes! Stay tuned, I'll  explain), and needless to say I'm way behind on blogging.

But  for all my die hard fans (aka, my mom and dad :-P) I figured I'd do a little cliff notes version of what we've been up to the past few days----and then stay tuned, because  over the next few days I'll fill you in on all the details and an obscene number of pictures LOL.

First up, Thursday! Our guests arrived around 1am Thursday morning. We helped them get settled and then when everyone woke up that morning it was time to play!

Cousin Ryan had fun playing with Brielle's legos...

Then while I  ran Raya  to preschool I left Brielle with Aunt Megan and Uncle  Shawn...I  figured it would be good  for her to just jump right  into buddying up with  them haha. She survived, and ended up liking Aunt  Megan snuggles :-)

Then later  that  day Uncle  Shawn learned how to play Hi ho Cherrio!

On Friday it was  Brielle's actual birthday! I had this  dress that, long story short, Lee had bought Raya way back  when not knowing it's a birthday dress since it actual  fit Brielle for her birthday we figured we better wear it!

A very excited birthday girl lol
Then Aunt Megan and cousin Ryan came with us to the Children's Museum to have a fun birthday outting!

catching scarves and poms that fall from the sky Lol...this is the best  cousin pic  we got the whole weekend I think....Ryan doesn't like to sit for pics and on the off chance that he did for a second, Miss Brielle didn't! ;-)
Then we came home and had birthday brownies and sang happy birthday...

Side note....around this time I starting feeling a little sick, but pretended it was was something unfortunately :-(

So after dinner we had our H family Christmas...Lee's mom and dad were up by this time

We all  got some nice gifts---Raya got this ladybug game from Grandma and Grandpa H.

By the time we were done with presents I was officially not feeling well. I fell asleep around 7pm I think  and I stayed in my room until about 8pm the next night! Yep, I think that after like 2.5 weeks I somehow finally caught the stomach bug  that Raya had Christmas day. I have no idea!

So the plan was that I would quarantine myself in our back  bedroom all day and assuming that I had what  everyone else had already had long ago I was hoping I could just get the day's long illness over with and then continue with the birthday party the next day. We already had so much food/money/planning into it that it was almost impossible to reschedule! So poor Lee had to prepare for the party pretty much on his own--he did great! And luckily Megan, Shawn, and Ruth Ann were all still here  to help out and keep the girls occupied, etc.

Here is a picture that Megan took of their  fun that  day---I never left my room so I have  no idea what happened first hand---they were all still alive when I came out of my room a day later though lol

Teaching cousin Ryan naughty things! haha

So Sunday morning I woke up and was feeling much better....but  let  me tell  ya, this  birthday party was cursed! Not only was I sick leading up to it, but I put my poor family in charge of making the cake and the cake crumbled on them and so Lee had to go to Walmart at 9 at night to buy a cake so that I could  use the cute cake topper I had (made by my sister-in-law emily's sister) .... and then as though that wasn't enough the day of the party my sister-in-law emily was really sick and couldn't  come *and* Grandpa H (who had  driven back to the farm the day before to do chores) couldn't make it back up to the party because their basement suddenly flooded! And then I  lost Brielle's present---couldn't remember for the life of me where I put it. Seriously...the whole thing was shaping up to be a nightmare lol.

But, the show  must go on! I jokingly told my mom that I didn't  care what needed to happen in order to get the cute party pics lol...but in all  fairness, pretty much everyone at the party was already exposed to any germs anyways, so it didn't much matter whether we had the party or not. And albeit  a few guests short, we had a great day!

The best we could do for a family pic at the party...oh well lol. And Raya dressed herself---not  coordinating as I had  planned, but by that point  I no longer  cared :-P

So anyways, we all pulled  it together for the party, and the party itself actually went quite well!

More on the  super cute cake later!

My brother went shopping the night before for Brielle's  gifts since Emily was sick, and he definitely  picked the winning gifts. A Dora microphone that  plays music and  you sing  into---which Brielle is completely obsessed with lol---and a Dora guitar and a Barbie  fishing pole! More  on her other gifts later :-)

And the sure sign of a great party? A passed out party girl at the end of the day! :-)
(Oh, and then the evening of the party, around  9pm, Lee and I were cleaning up puke off the girls' bedroom floor---Miss  Raya was sick--again!)

So today we are all taking it easy---sitting in our messy house after all our house guests have left---and I plan to deal with the choas tomorrow :-P

We still  had  a great time with everyone in the days before the sickness hit though---so excited to go visit Megan, Shawn, and Ryan this summer out in Ohio! And despite all the headaches Brielle's 2nd birthday was a great day, and most importantly I was able to get plenty of cute pics of my "terrible" two year  old ;-)


  1. Her cake looks adorable! Hope she had a great party

  2. Oh man, so sorry you got sick. And Raya again? Poor thing! I can't wait to see all the pictures. Brielle is so cute in her zebra stripes and pink. I love it all! I need to get all mine uploaded to Blogger so our birthday party recap will not be until tomorrow. And our party was Saturday and our house is still a disaster. I'm slowly getting it back together! Everyone loved the rainbow outfits by the way :)

  3. Hope you all are feeling better, otherwise it looks like a great weekend!

  4. Ohhh gosh! Well first off, the party looks like it was adorable. And I'm sooo sorry to hear you were sick. It's definately not fun! I had it a couple of weeks ago. I hope all of you are feeling better very very soon!!!!

  5. Well it's hard to believe that the party still went on after all that, but we had a great day anyway!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. Love the shirt! and glad the party still turned out... poor sick family!

    Happy Birthday Brielle!


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