Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pee Pee and Com-e-dy :-)

Guess what?! Today  Brielle went potty on the big potty for the first time! She asked to  go all  by herself and was bound and determined. She kept trying to "squeeeeeze" something out lol...and then she told me to run the  water in the sink hahahaha. Finally  she  did  pee! And we clapped and danced and I promised her a treat.

....and then Raya demanded that we all watch *her* pee on the potty so that she could get the same attention and applause ;-)

In other news, Raya told her first joke tonight. During  bath Lee said:

Lee: Guess what?
Raya: What?
Lee: Chicken Butt!!!!

to which Raya replied,

Raya: "Why did we have a picnic?"
Lee: "Why?"
Raya: "So the chicken could come along and poop on it!"

Watch out Comedy Central ;-)

And  now for  some random pics  of my girls from the other  day  that I  didn't post...

And to end this random update tonight, a picture  I thought all of my Thirty-One  readers might enjoy.

I am obsessed with my large utility totes (and the  matching lids!) and use them to store toys all  over my house. However I am continuously  creeped out every time I walk by one to see a "body bag" ....creepy little  dolls  peeking out at me LOL


  1. Great job Brielle. Keira has been the same way but hasn't peed yet. Kids are so funny. Kaylee tries to tell jokes to but then she'll say "what do I say next" haha

  2. Good job Brielle!!

    The last picture makes me laugh!! I as well LOVE the large utility totes. I don't have any of the covers, but I think I may have to get one soon!

  3. Woohoo, Brielle!!
    Bahaha - the "body bag!"

  4. Woo-hoo for Brielle going potty! How did she know to ask for the water to be turned on? Too funny!

    And, yes, that "body bag" is very creepy! Eesh!

    1. Well, one time she peed on the floor while we were filling the bathtub. So then the next time I sat her on the potty (she didn't go) I tried running the sink water for a second to see if that would help.

      BIG MISTAKE. Now every single time she sits on the potty she asks for me to run the water LOL.


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