Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PJ Day

Ever since we got the preschool calendar at the beginng of the month Miss Raya has been absolutely beside  herself with excitement. She  has been  counting down the days and she had  her  outfit planned weeks in advance lol. Today  was the big day and boy was she pumped!

Ballet  pjs and  light-up unicorn slippers, courtesy of Grandma F.!

No idea why she picked Minnie as her stuffed animal of choice---she never plays with  her lol. Maybe she didn't  want to risk taking her  treasured stuffed animals for fear they'd be damaged :-P

Brielle wanted to do pj day too! ...no really, she  kept telling me "me too party!" haha

And then the big parenting FAIL. Somewhere between the kitchen and the van Raya managed to set Minnie down. I didn't think anything of it because I was too busy loading Harper, Brielle, and Raya into the car, remembering Raya's cereal  snack and making sure she was carrying her slippers, etc.

Anyways, we get to preschool and we realize we forgot Minnie. Cue MELTDOWN. Oops. Other kids  hadn't brought a stuffed animal too and I tried pointing that out. I also pointed out that only  a couple kids had slippers and hers were the only light up ones. The teacher offered to let her use one of the extra stuffed  animals she had brought and some other kids offered their stuffed animals. I even offered upu the dolls that Brielle and Harper had  brought from home.

Nope. Poor Raya was just heartbroken  about Minnie. It wasn't a naughty tantrum, just more of a heartbroken sob haha.  Finally  I just said, "well, we can go home and skip preschool today if you are too upset to stay" ....and she didn't want to do that! So she stopped. Hopefully she does fine the rest of the morning there. Mama can only  remember  so many things and *she* was in charge of holding that Minnie!

'Tis the life :-P


  1. Raya looks cute in her jammies.

  2. Poor Raya! I bet she was the cutest one, though!

    S has that same Minnie doll, only she is obsessed. She has Mickey, Donald and Daisy, too. They are probably her most treasured toys!

  3. LOL... awww..minnie. Love the pictures. =)

  4. So fun. I am always forgetting something important on the table. I just found out my daughter is having a pj pizza day next week. So excited!

  5. Raya looks adorable!! I know why she picked Minnie, she matched her outfit better, and she wanted to look all put together!!!!
    Grama F


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