Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweet and Petite

(Almost all these pics are from my point and shoot camera, not my DSLR)

So  as  Brielle's 2nd birthday on Friday quickly approaches I have been trying to remember the many yearly things I need to do around this time.  One of those things is measure her growth on our growth chart.

Raya can't  stand to let Brielle have the spotlight!

Now  as I  have  mentioned, Brielle seems very short to me. When we go to various play  areas and I see other little girls that are the same height, I always ask how old they are and they are almost always under 18 months old. Brielle can still wear 18 month Carter's outfits (except for tshirts, because those are getting snug) ...but dresses, pants, etc. she really is 18 month size. I just have her wear 24 month stuff most of the time because I'd rather it be big  and maybe get two seasons of wear.

My at home measurements are not *exactly* accurate perhaps, but they can't  be too far  off---and I measure her at 31 inches  tall.

At this  same age Raya was almost 35.5 inches! It makes sense to me now why Raya completely  skipped size 2T for the most part. She did a ton of growing before age 2.

Brielle's little  finger  is what  her height  was at 15 months....she's grown! But you can see she is no where near as tall as Raya at age 2! Raya had a small amount of growth between age 2 and 3, so maybe the girls will be reverse and Brielle will grow a ton next year haha...we'll see! The very top is where Raya made me measure her today---Just over 39 inches tall.
And yes, a full fledged cat fight did  erupt over this  measuring haha...apparently it's very fun to stand here and be measured!

Look at Raya use  her  big  booty to her advantage LOL
So Brielle is  my little  peanut--- Sweet  and  Petite, just like her shirt  from Saturday said!

Look at those  size 24 month all rolled up hehe

On Saturday we ran into town to run some errands and we ate at Chic-fil-a ...afterwards we played and it makes me laugh because although Brielle  is much smaller than Raya was at this age, she is much braver too! Raya didn't start climbing  on these toys until after age 3. She was a huge scaredy cat! Brielle has no fear, and she buzzes past all  the big kids playing...Raya  has  to try to keep up! :-) The other parents at these things always give me weird looks like why would I let my baby play and get pushed around by the big kids, but they quickly see that Brielle can hold her own!

Look at her go!
Raya was able to catch up for a minute :-P

First to zoom down the  slide? Miss Brielle! I  love watching her tiny  little body come bouncing  out of the slide haha
Raya  caught  up!
Before  heading  home I  let Brielle pick  out a birthday balloon, because I always get a few helium balloons for  their  party, but  there is no longer any store locally that fills them and it's too much of a hassle to drive 20 minutes to town on the day of the party to get them!  Surprise surprise...Brielle picked Dora!
What? You honestly  thought Raya wouldn't need  her own "birthday" balloon?! haha. A mermaid of course!
And she's  out!
Bear with me, I  hadn't downloaded pics off of this point and shoot in a long time, so I have some randoms to share  quick!

Here was Raya....she had  put *my* shoes on herself and *Brielle's* shoes on her  doll...then demanded I take a picture  lol

Brielle is  obsessed with's really annoying because she  gets into the sock drawer and messes them all up and takes the pairs apart....and then she puts as many as she can on ONE foot LOL....until the foot is like 2 inches thick  with socks :-P One day I laid with her at nap time to get her to fall asleep. Well *I* fell asleep and when I woke up 20 minutes later Brielle was sitting in bed  next to me, quietly entertaining herself by  putting on sock after sock after sock haha.

A couple weeks ago we went shoe  shopping with  Lee. He took FOR-E-VER picking out shoes. Everyone in the store though got quite a kick  out of our girls though, who happily entertained themselves for like 30 minutes by  pretending to go "night night" on the little bench ;-)

Lastly, today  Raya had  her 2nd ever lifetime dental  visit---and she is in love! lol.  Here  is what I posted afterwards on facebook:

"Pretty sure Raya might be a dentist when she grows up! She went for the 2nd time ever today and she's so obsessively in love with everything related to the dentist haha. They said she was probably the best 3 year old they'd ever had...and she was so excited about it all you would have sworn we were at Disneyland or something! ;-) At the end she asked when she could come back next and begged for it to be soon. I told her probably in the summer, to which she replied "that will be great--I can wear my summer shoes then!" Yes, we must not forget to plan ahead for our attire lol."

I  snapped a couple pics of her today, in all her dental glory! She could barely keep a smile off of her face, and each time they would ask her to pick a flavor for something her eyes just lit up haha. Then  she was say, "Mama, I picked ____ , that's a good one isn't it?!" For the record, she  picked "sugar cookie" toothpaste and "cherry" flouride haha.

Bracing  for the  chair to tilt back, which she had been excitedly talking about the entire car ride there :-P

She was quick to say "yes" to the cool gold shades ;-)

Still  cavity free!


  1. I need to start measuring my girls. Love that raya is using her booty to keep Brielle away. LOL Keira can still wear 18 month stuff from Carter's (mainly the tunic tops). Can't wait to see pics from Brielle's party

  2. Brielle is a peanut!! She's so cute! I seriously laughed out loud looking at the pictures of Brielle and Raya, and Raya stealing the spotlight! haha =)
    I'm so jelaous you guys have a chic-fil-a! I think the closest one to us is in Massachusetts! We did eat at one a couple of times in Florida though =)

  3. Emma is so much smaller than the other kids in her class. It makes me wonder if she will be super short like her mimi. I hope she is at least average height! Emma does almost fit well in most 2t things but the pants are usually huge!

  4. She is very tiny! So cute, Hudson is as big as ray was! So fun, your girls crack me up

  5. My nephew is a little shorty too, he just turned 5 the end of November and is right about 40-42 inches tall.

  6. Love all the pics, those girls are going to be competing for the spotlite the rest of their lives!!!

  7. I always forget to measure my girls - ugh! I hate that I forget! Where did you get your chart to measure them?? I want one for my girls!

    1. Mine is from one of my high school friends---she had an Etsy shop selling them at one time. She doesn't do that anymore but if you search for growth charts on Etsy you will find a ton! :-)

    2. I will do that! Thanks!

  8. Brielle is just like Carly! The socks thing and no scared of anything! :)


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