Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Sweet" no more! She stinkin' beat me up!

I'm well  aware that  this is  most likely the most *unflattering* picture(s) I  will ever post of myself here. But I think that someday---waaaaaay far down the road---I may think back to this episode and laugh (maybe not :-P) so I wanted to document it on the blog!

You see, last night Brielle beat the sh*t outta me!

Here's what  (I think!) happened. I  was goofing around with Raya  on the couch...we were just talking and being goofy. A couple times  I pretended we were sleeping,  etc. So  in general they were both pretty hyper.

Well when I  was focused on Raya, suddenly out of no where, I get POUNDED in the mouth with a freaking DRUM! Brielle had a toy drum and I think she was just getting hyper and trying to be goofy, but for whatever reason she smacked me with it right on my lip! My lip immediately started swelling and I couldn't tell  if  I bit all  the way through my lip or what (we later decided I had bit the inside of my lip, but the gash on top is  just  where it split open from the sheer force with which she hit me!).

Anyways, I  will  admit I  started crying---it hurt SO BAD! And it royally pissed me off because then the girls started *laughing* at me...they  thought I was still  playing and being goofy! Ugh. Then when they realized I was really hurt  *they* started crying LOL. So I'm trying to give them  suckers to keep them quiet until  Lee gets home from work so that I can ice my lip :-P  It  was just a hot mess!

....and as if that wasn't bad enough, Brielle then starting pointing at my lip saying "ewwww, yucky!"   ....ya think kid?! Thanks  to you I get to now walk around and have everyone stare at me like  I'm either a) a battered woman or b) infected with some horrible disease of the lip ;-)

This morning when I woke up I  found  that things  had gotten even better---because now I have bruising, which adds to the beauty of the whole thing.

And it's all thanks to this little thing!


Thankfully it's not quite as painful  today. Although I still  do look  a hot mess, and when  Harper showed  up today she told me I  looked like a dragon--- a DRAGON. That didn't make me self conscious at all  heading to preschool drop off :-P

'Tis the life....is  it Friday yet?!


  1. OMG, that looks so painful! I pretend to cry sometimes so I'm sure Kyla would think I was pretending too. Who ever said being a SAHM mom was easy?

  2. Oh my gosh. Don't mess with sweet Brielle.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! It looks soooo painful =( Our cat once out of nowhere attacked my face and I immediately started crying. Poor Emma lost it hysterically crying and Brian walked in the house and wondered what in the heck was going on! haha I hope it gets better real soon! It must be painful to eat and drink I would think :/

  4. O my gosh, ouch!! Hope it heals quickly~!

  5. Ouch! Emma has knocked me pretty good in the nose a few times but no blood or damage yet! I hope you heal up quickly!!!

    1. PS maybe a saltwater rinse will help the inside clear up little quicker.

  6. OMG!! Not gna lie I am scared of something like this happening when we play around....hope it heals fast

  7. Ohhh boy!!! Hope it heals real soon!!! =)

  8. Oh no! How awful! And the thing that cracks me up is that kids will just say it like it is; ugh! Even when you want to beat them! ;)

  9. Poor Brielle is going to remember this for all time!!!! She just gets sooo excited when she is playing!!!
    Love,Grama F

  10. Oh no! I'm getting caught up on your blog and I can't believe she abused you! So sorry!


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