Saturday, February 23, 2013

Aren't you jealous of this SNOW!?

All  of my readers from warm climates may typically have the  upper  hand...with  all  your fun outdoor trips and non-jacket weather even in February, while  we're here in Iowa bundled up and  freezing...

BUT you can't  take  cute snow pictures in your front yard! Na-na na-na boo-boo ;-)  

Friday we didn't wake up to nearly  as much snow as they had predicted, but we got plenty to play in! And while I don't normally like being cold and wet, it was actually pretty "warm" and not windy on Friday which made for some fun snow play---and cute pictures. Enjoy!

Snow angel!

Her  short little legs had some trouble walking  in the snow :-P

"mom, help!"

"Wait, where's my glove?"

"OMG, my glove is gone and my  hand is going to fall  off!" :-)

Raya was climbing  all around this  tree on a big  pile  of snow...

...and then  she fell over  and got stuck haha

She was very interested in these  red berries!

Poor Brielle  had no chance of reaching the berries.

Sometimes it sucks to be little :-P


  1. First of all. I am NOT jealous of your snow, cause we have enough here! LOL =) But the kids seem to enjoy it =)

    I love the pictures! And their snowsuits are perfect colors for outdoors with lots of snow! Nice and bright and colorful! =)

    Enjoy your snow!!!!! =)

  2. I'm not jealous of the snow cause I don't like to be cold or wet. But here in CA it's been cold, windy & rainy. Cute pictures, I like the girls snow outfits

  3. super cute pictures :) and I'm not jealous...haha we have more then enough snow to go around. infact its snowing right now!!

  4. Loving our snowless winter here in MT where everyone told us it would be worse, haha! However, these pictures are stinkin' cute! I love how the colors they have on just stand out in the white snow. You have a gift!

  5. Love the pictures, not so much the snow! We have a some big for us snowfall this year and I was happy this whole storm bypassed us and we had mild temperatures!!

  6. Even the girls' snow suits are adorable!
    I hear the Midwest is supposed to get hit with more snow again this week. Does that storm include you?

  7. We got hit with more ice than snow :/ but we definitely have had our share of powder this winter, maybe one more good snow & then I'll be ready for spring :) I love the girls coats, so cute & they coordinate!! enjoy your snow angels :)



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